Oh what a difference a week makes. Last week on Big Brother 14, HoH Frank wrote a blog about how much he deserved to win and how great he is at the game. This week, with 21-year-old student Ian Terry in charge, the vibe is totally different.

Ian’s HoH blog is an odd juxtaposition to his nervous energy in the house. It’s sincere, well-reasoned, heartfelt and well-written. It’s the calm, rational thoughts that are most likely the end result of swinging on the hammock for hours at a time, mumbling to himself.

Aside from his almost total lack of exclamation points (which have been excessively used by Frank, Shane and Danielle), the main takeaway from Ian’s HoH blog is how humble and surprised he is to still be there. As we all know, he’s been watching Big Brother since he was 10, and the enthusiasm of a boy living out his childhood dream is readily apparent in his writing.

“Several months ago, I never would’ve dreamed I would be in the Big Brother HoH room typing this blog,” he wrote. That humility is refreshing after reading Frank go on and on about how much he thinks he deserves to win. Ian considers himself lucky to have made it this far, and that respect for the game and appreciate for his good fortune makes him twice the player and man Frank will ever be.

Ian also praised the troops and remembered the victims of 9/11 (a result of a cavalier comment he made about the attacks while he was drunk that was viewed as insensitive by some). Finally, Ian offered some inspiring words to live by:

“If you make a good attempt at achieving some of your craziest dreams, they might actually become your reality.”

It’s almost hard to believe those words were written by the same guy who wore a duck on his head and streaked twice while covering his genitals with a cowboy hat.

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John Kubicek

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