Admit it: You miss Bachelor Pad even though the last episode was only two days ago. You can’t get enough of Chris — is he a cute guy caught in a love triangle (er, square)? Is he a callous jerk? Can we hear his evil giggle from the last episode again?

If you’re someone who can’t get enough, you’re in luck, because one of the deleted scenes features Chris the Heartbreaker.

But first, that boring gameshow competition almost redeems itself via a deleted scene:

Clip #1: A Little TMI
Where were THESE questions during the episode? Maybe they weren’t quite appropriate for primetime television?

In this clip, we learn a bit more about everyone’s sex lives (a little more than I could care about) but it’s juicy enough to watch, just to guess which housemate has slept with their boss/supervisor. My guess is Jamie, maybe because of her slightly obsessive nature when she gets interested in a guy.

Also find out how many people in the house have gotten naughty in public. Don’t worry, we don’t see people actually fessing up — maybe that’ll make the director’s cut DVD version.

Clip #2: From Bachelor Pad to Action Stars
I’m really glad we get to see the full action “movie” Sarah and Chris shot during their date, if only to note that Chris should never think about acting in the near future. Sarah? Not bad at all, but I think the leather outfit was distracting.

What do you think?

Halfway to $250,000
“Whoa, we’re already halfway through this seas of Bachelor Pad?” Is my initial reaction to reading Michael Stagliano’s latest blog entry for Parade. There seems to be way too many people still left in the game.

But Michael’s kind words to David, the “last fan standing,” makes me even more annoyed that this new twist was brought in. He was like the Little Engine That Could, always chugging along week after week despite everything thrown in his way. How could they possibly have thought he would have a chance? Or was that the whole point, to just throw random people in there and enjoy watching them sink?

I’m also relieved that Michael isn’t afraid to admit how boring the competition segment was this week. But it sounds like next week is getting even nuttier, and I’m glad to get the advance notice!

Esther Gim
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Esther Gim

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