You know that Big Brother 14 is boring when the producers have to bring in the Zingbot this early. And when promos for tomorrow’s episode promise the return of fan favorite Jeff Schroeder.

It doesn’t help that in this episode there’s a perfectly plausible plan to make a huge game move that is completely ignored in favor of not rocking the boat.

After the Nominations

Dan is happy (for now) that Frank and Boogie stayed true to the Silent Six. Frank and Boogie are targeting Wil and, in the process, they decide to try and get some mileage out of Joe since no one else wants to be his friend.

Boogie lies to Wil that he’s safe, but Wil doesn’t believe it. None of that matters, but what does matter is that Wil seems to think his life is a Tennessee Williams play. Go home and play with your glass menagerie, dude.

Finally, Shane is paranoid that he’s going to get backdoored because Shane is the cockiest human being that ever lived and he assumes everyone wants to get him out all the time because he’s the best player in the history of the universe. It doesn’t help that Danielle is SO into him, fueling that egotistical fire raging in his head.

Goodbye Spirit-Tard

Frank gets to take off his unitard and does a little cheer before he removes it. There’s nothing I care less about than this. Except maybe Wil’s “secret” that he was a teeny bopper touring singer.

Zingbot and the Veto

The Zingbot shows up for the Power of Veto competition and immediately insults everyone! There are some good digs about Ashley’s intelligence and Shane’s ugly pink tank top, but the best/worst goes to Danielle. He claims that after the show, Shane will give her a restraining order. Ouch!

The Power of Veto competition involves putting tubes together to reach an endpoint so they can guide a ball to it to help give birth to Baby Zingbot.

It’s a pretty complicated puzzle and Ashley is positively clueless. They even play a Sesame Street theme song sound-alike to drive home how simple she is.

Frank kills it and beats everyone, proving what a big threat he really is. Both Shane and Dan are worried about getting backdoored. I’m more concerned about the fact that, for the third week in a row, the HoH wins the Power of Veto. Consolidating the power every week makes for very dull game play.

The Backdoor Plot

Wil, Ashley and Jenn realize that this is a chance for Frank to make a huge move and backdoor a much bigger threat than Joe or Wil, like Dan or Shane. Wil and Ashley go upstairs to try and get Frank to pull the trigger and make this big move. Jenn correctly realizes that it’s “foolishness” for Frank not to make the move and that, if he doesn’t, there’s obviously something bigger going on (ie the Silent Six).

Wil and Ashley promise Frank that if he does this that he’ll have the votes to get the person evicted and they’ll have his back in the future.

Unfortunately for them, Britney sees Wil and Ashley upstairs talking to Frank and immediately sends Ian up to do some detective work. Ian quickly learns that Frank is targeting Dan and Ian does his best to talk Frank out of opening that can of worms and unleashing a bloodbath on the house. Frank makes compelling points about how Dan (and, for that matter, Danielle and Shane) were coming after Frank two weeks ago.

Ian goes downstairs and reports his findings to Danielle and Britney. And the next day Frank talks to Boogie about the potential plan and Boogie talks him out of backdooring Dan too. Frank is starting to realize that what’s best for Boogie and what’s best for himself aren’t necessarily the same things. But he also realizes that going against the Silent Six this early will just cause too much chaos.

In the end, Frank decides to keep the nominations the same. It’s funny that, in the diary room, even Dan admits that backdooring him would be the smart move. It’s also bad that Frank even considered this, because that just gives Dan and the others fuel to go after him next week.

Tomorrow night see if Wil or Joe goes home and who becomes the next HoH.

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