It’s finally here, the first endurance competition of Big Brother 13! There’s nothing more exciting than an HoH challenge that starts on the live show and continues into the live feeds, and this week it’s more important than ever. The veterans have been in control since day one, so will they keep the power, or will it shift to the other side of the house? It also marks the first time since the very first HoH competition that Porsche and Daniele have been able to compete.

'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Week 4 HoH Competition Results

After Dominic was evicted, the HGs were all on an inclined surface in skis, and the last person left standing will win (it’s basically the same as the surfboard challenge from last season that Matt won in week 5). As an added twist, the first five people to fall get to open snowballs that contain rewards or punishments, including one worth $10,000.

7:15pm PT: The live feeds came back on and both Adam and Lawon are out.

7:26pm: Brendon is out! Woohoo, that means we don’t need to hear Rachel cheering “GOOOOO Brendon!” all night.

7:43pm: Jeff is out. His knees were hurting because, as Brendon will no doubt whine about, the set-up for this HoH competition certainly doesn’t benefit taller or bigger people. Now it’s just down to the five ladies: Daniele, Kalia, Jordan, Shelly, and Porsche.

7:49pm: Jordan is out. Ooh, the veterans are putting all their eggs in Shelly and Porsche’s baskets.

7:57pm: Sadly, you can’t keep Rachel quiet. Now she’s loudly cheering for Porsche while Jeff and Jordan are rooting for Shelly.

8:08pm: Porsche is out! I guess having Rachel cheer for you is a kiss of death in endurance competitions.

8:13pm: Rachel is now cheering on Shelly, as are Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan. Uh-oh, that could seriously backfire on Rachel, given her streak so far of cheering for people. Kalia asks Shelly if the veterans are cheering for her because they’re working together, and Shelly tells a half-lie that they’re ONLY rooting for her to see a picture of Shelly’s daughter in her HoH room. C’Mon, Shelly, you KNOW that’s not the whole true.

8:18pm: Shelly is out! Ha, Rachel’s streak remains and Daniele and Kalia are the final two! Those veteran couples are doomed and the house is about to flip big time!

8:19pm: Kalia screams “I LOVE YOU, DOM!” Oh yeah, it’s time for retribution. And also, for a competition that was good for smaller people, kudos to Kalia for kicking butt despite being a bigger gal. She definitely proved to everyone that she is a real competitor.

8:20pm: Rachel is obviously pissed and says she knows a veteran is going home this week. She’s upset with Daniele’s gloating, and the irony is not lost on me, though it’s CERTAINLY lost on Rachel.

8:25pm: Daniele is gloating big-time and Kalia is singing. It’s kind of amusing, but at the same time, it’s totally without class and just every bit as messed up as what Rachel does. I like to hope they’re only doing this to give Rachel a taste of her own medicine and not because it’s the kind of people they really are. It’s the complete opposite of how Cassi went out, but since I too can’t stand Rachel and her alliance, I’ll allow it. I know I’m being a total hypocrite for not calling out Kalia and Daniele for being obnoxious, sore winners, but at least I can admit my hypocrisy.

8:29pm: A deal is made and Kalia is out!


Woohoo! This is what I needed to start loving Big Brother 13 again, a huge power shift. The people who’ve been making every single decision from day one are now powerless, and they’re going to sulk and complain about how unfair it is, never mind the fact that they just evicted Dominic and ADMITTED that he was just an accessory.

I can’t wait to see how the veterans handle this, because they know they’re screwed and there’s absolutely nothing they can do or say to save themselves, just like Dominic at the end of last week.

It’s also amusing that all week, every HG has been talking up how much they want it and how, if it’s an endurance competition, they’re going to be up there all night and someone will have to shoot them down. But then when it actually comes to it, everyone except Daniele and Kalia dropped after less than one and a half hours.

Adam: He has to wear an elf suit.
Lawon: He’s a Have-Not for the week.
Brendon: He’s a Have-Not for the week.
Jeff: He won the $10,000.
Jordan: She’s a Have-Not for the week.

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