Now that we’re down to the final five HGs on Big Brother 13, the Power of Veto is as important as the HoH. This week has already been filled with excitement after the HoH opened Pandora’s Box and a celebrity (or two, depending on whether you love Mr. Pectacular) came into the house for some mindless fun. But now it’s game time.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Rachel is the HoH and she nominated Porsche and Kalia.

I guess the “Floaters grab a life vest” Rachel is dead, because she nominated the only two people left who’ve won multiple competitions. This is predictable, and, no matter what, one of them will be evicted. Even if one wins the Power of Veto and comes off the block, Adam will go up as a pawn, the vote will be split and Rachel will evict whichever girl is left on the block.

Right now, it seems like Kalia is the primary target because … well, I don’t know. Honestly, Kalia and Porsche are relatively interchangeable at this point, so I guess it comes down to the fact that Jordan thinks Kalia is better at questions, and she thinks that’s what the next HoH competition will be.

On the bright side for me and those who think like me, whichever girl stays will almost certainly win the next HoH competition and be guaranteed a spot in the final three. They’ll be competing against Jordan and Adam, which is kind of like a free pass to victory. Not counting the upcoming Power of Veto competition, Adam and Jordan have a combined 2 out of 34 record in competitions, which is pitiful. They’ve played in more competitions than anyone else this season, but the only times they won were when Jeff, Daniele or Brendon threw the competition and let them win.

The biggest disappointment, however, is Adam, who has pledged is undying loyalty to Rachel and Jordan. Why? Well, the ancient Greeks called it hubris. First, Adam is under the impression that he could beat them in the final three HoH competitions. He must have faith (the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen), because there’s very little chance of him beating Rachel at anything other than a Tori Spelling trivia contest.

Secondly, Adam mistakenly believes that he could beat Rachel or Jordan in the finale if he makes it to the end. Really? If a veteran is at the end, all of the veterans in jury (four) will vote for them to win. If Adam is sitting next to Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan will all vote for her, and Daniele has made it clear that she will never vote for Adam under any circumstances because he’s such an awful game player. If he goes against Jordan, she’ll get Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Daniele and probably Shelly and Kalia, since they actually like Jordan.

I’m sure Adam thinks Jordan’s previous win will hurt her, but it won’t. And I’m sure he thinks that he can accuse her of not being a strong competitor and just riding Jeff and Rachel’s coattails to the end, but the problem is that the same argument could be made against him. Game-wise, he and Jordan are the same, and in the event of a tie, people vote for who they like more, and that’s Jordan.

So realistically, the only shot Adam has at winning is if he goes to the finale against Kalia or Porsche. In that instance, the veterans’ votes are up for grabs and Adam might sway them simply because he wasn’t Daniele’s protege.

But this would require Adam to play a smart game, which it’s very clear he isn’t. Last week he kept talking to Shelly about building a Big Brother Resume, the list of reasons why someone should vote for them in the end. He made it clear that his best game move hasn’t happened yet, but with less than two weeks left, there really isn’t any time left for him to create a resume that would make anyone vote for him. And if he keeps losing challenges, he’ll never get the opportunity to make that big game move he keeps talking about.

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