As this second season of Bachelor Pad crawls to a close, we begin to get a clearer sense of what the remaining contestants would be like if they were actual locations on an actual map. Holly would be a wind turbine: Tall, thin, easily swayed. Erica would be a building with a Medieval Times, 24-hour pharmacy and plastic surgery offices in it. Michael would be a cute little park with a pit of quicksand in the middle: Fun, fun, fun until all of a sudden, LOOK OUT. Kasey and Vienna would be a couple of strip malls, I guess. OK in small doses, but cheap and ugly and if you spend too much time there, you clearly have problems. Blake would be the garbage dump. Et cetera.

But our Bachelor Padders are not places. They’re people. In the most technical sense, anyway. So let’s check out this latest map of their EMOTIONS, shall we?


I hope her elimination opens up Erica to a new reality show opportunity about her relationships with Astrologer Herb and her ghost friends. Or maybe they could just start a band?

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It’s more fun than it sounds!

(Cast images courtesy of ABC)