To prepare ourselves for the crazy, perhaps catastrophic premiere of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars, let’s familiarize ourselves with the contestants. We know a lot about these ladies from their time on the show, but what have they accomplished since then? What mysterious mystical force convinced them to take another shot at the much-coveted and often laughed-at title? Was it Tyra?

Some of these questions will be answered throughout this week, when we take a look back at the lives of these All-Star contestants. We’ll also highlight a few of their best moments on America’s Next Top Model.

Today we have the spunky Bre Scullark, who may or may not freak out about her granola bars again.

Original Cycle: Cycle 5, 2005

Placed: 3rd

Age: 26

Has Modeled For: Elle Girl Magazine, BET’s Rip the Runway, Hot 97, Vibe Magazine Valentino, Nicole Miller, Doucette Duvall for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008, Essence Magazine, CosmoGirl, Ebony Magazine, and commercials for Target, Garnier HerbaShine, Old Navy and Pantene

Bre Skullark was one of the more memorable girls on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 for being CoverGirl of the Week twice and winning two reward challenges. She was also memorable for her voice, her personality, and for her unfounded act of vengeance against Nicole.

It all started when Bre discovered that her granola bars were stolen. She accused Nicole of taking them, and in retaliation, she disposed all of her energy drinks in the sink. They’ve since made up though, mostly because their careers depended on it.

The Great Granola Bar mystery went unsolved for years, until Lisa D’Amato admitted to the theft just recently. Think that settles it? (Yes.) Will they make it a big issue on Cycle 17 when the two girls meet? (Probably.) Will it happen again? (We hope.)

Bre’s constant improvement throughout Cycle 5 earned her a spot in the final three, but she was criticized for her height and was seen as weaker than the top two finalists. She was booted off on the finale and has since built her career in the industry.

She has signed with Ford Models in New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles and has done plenty of runway work thanks to her impressive walk. She has also been featured on the cover of Mahogany Magazine in 2006, in addition to appearing on several other publications like Six Degrees, Hype Hair, Vibe, Real Simple, and more.

On television, Bre has appeared in ads for a number of hair products. She worked with Pantene, Garnier, and the Dark and Lovely hair-coloring kits. She has also been a guest on The Tyra Banks Show, hosted the music show Certified, and was seen on Ruben Studdard’s music video for “Change Me.”

Aside from that, she’s done charity work by helping out the non-profit organization called Drop Dead Gorgeous. Bre also appeared in an Ambi commercial recently, making up for her Bottom Two spot during the CoverGirl shoot on her America’s Next Top Model Cycle.

Check back tomorrow as we look at another contestant from America’s Next Top Model All-Stars. And set your calendars for the show’s premiere on September 14.

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