The end of Big Brother 13 is in sight. Jordan was evicted in fourth place, leaving newbies Adam and Porsche against veteran Rachel. The three-part final HoH competition will decide who goes to the end, and the first part, as always, is an endurance competition.

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The three HGs were attached to a giant mixer in a pool of batter and spun around. It’s just like the paint can HoH competition from last season, only this time the only thing they can hold onto is the metal bar they’re standing up against.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

I’ll be here throughout the competition with live updates. All times are Pacific Time, which is the time in the Big Brother 13 house.

7:00pm: At the end of the episode, all three were still on the mixer.

7:10pm: The live feeds resume. Porsche says she might throw up while Adam is sweating and not looking good, as you might expect since he has done poorly in every endurance competition.

7:14pm: Adam is in pain and his legs hurt. He asks how the girls are doing. Rachel is fine, Porsche’s shoulders are hurting a bit. I’d be shocked if Rachel doesn’t win this in less than an hour.

7:17pm: Adam is groaning and cursing  a lot. Like he said after he fell off his dummy, he’s still too fat to make a deep run in an endurance competition.

7:19pm: The live feeds go down for six minutes.

7:25pm: ADAM IS OUT! Yup, so he lasted less than 30 minutes. This is just like last season, where Enzo fell after 19 minutes while Hayden and Lane battled it out for two and a half hours.

7:30pm: Porsche is in obvious pain while Rachel is smiling and loving it. Of course she is. I like that Porsche evicted Jordan, but this is the best reason why she shouldn’t have done it. I suspect she’d be in the same position as Porsche and it would be a lot easier to beat Jordan.

7:36pm: Porsche can’t take it anymore and wants to quit. PORSCHE IS OUT!


Yes folks, after a lot of set-up, we had another endurance competition last for about 40 minutes. This is just plain embarrassing. This lasted about as long as the dummy veto with the final six. Jeff’s soap HoH and Daniele’s ski HoH both lasted about one and a half hours. Where are the real tests of endurance? These competitions can easily go for more than two or three hours, but instead we get a bunch of sad, weak people who can’t last very long at all.

At this point, Rachel is guaranteed victory if she is in the finale, even if someone else wins and takes her. Right now the only hope Porsche or Adam have is that whoever wins part 2 also wins part 3 and evicts Rachel, otherwise she’s the winner of Big Brother 13.

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