Kalia is running the Big Brother 13 house this week, and despite some general paranoia about the big twist that’s coming (remember, the HGs have no idea what it is), things are pretty clear. At this point, the house has divided into three camps. There’s the Pajama Jam Gang (Kalia, Daniele and Lawon), the Veterans (Rachel, Jeff and Jordan) and the Floaters (Adam, Shelly and Porsche, who switch to whatever side has power).

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Kalia nominated Rachel and Jeff.

Obviously its war between the PJ Gang and the Veterans, and the fact that Jeff, Rachel and Jordan are all Have-Nots this week is just adding insult to injury. They certainly underestimated Kalia’s ability to actually win competitions, and since everyone knows that the veterans would’ve targeted Kalia, Lawon and Daniele if they won HoH, this is hardly a surprise.

And to be fair, Kalia is giving them the opportunity to fight for the veto and not trying to backdoor them. Things may get sticky if one of them does come off, as Kalia would have to pick a pawn who would stay safe. Right now, Rachel is target one, Jeff is two, and Jordan is three, but Kalia is still willing to honor her earlier promise never to put Jordan up. But it’s pointless, because Jordan still resents Kalia and thinks she’s coming after her.

Now comes the hard part for Rachel. She might be good at HoH competitions, but she’s never won a veto by herself. Will she find an untapped reserve of competitive energy without Brendon, or will she fold like a cheap card table and get evicted?

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The funny part is that everyone in the house is convinced they’ve made it to the jury, but in reality, given the twist coming on Thursday, whoever gets evicted this week could lose the head-to-head challenge and leave in 10th place. So technically, if Rachel is so worried about spending the whole summer apart from Brendon, she might get her wish and join him outside the house after this week, meaning neither would have a vote on the jury and we would never have to hear from them again until finale night. That’s a nice dream.

Equally funny is that the veterans are convinced that whoever gets voted out this week is definitely coming back into the game, which is just a stupid assumption to make, and Jeff and Jordan tried intimidating Kalia by saying that it’s dumb to nominate strong players who are just going to come right back and target her. I really hope whoever gets evicted this week doesn’t win the heads-up battle, because it will be so much more interesting if someone like Dominic or Cassi comes back.

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