This can’t be a fun night for the remaining six contestants on So You Think You Can Dance. After weeks of performing and surviving eliminations, two of the dancers will have to go home — right before the finals. Will Melanie and Marko continue their domination into the final week? Could Caitlynn sneak a victory over Sasha at the last moment? Will Ricky or Tadd snag a finale berth?

We’ll find out all of that tonight.

Who’s going to make it to the finals? Who will go home? Well, according to the ever-reliable (except for when it’s not) BuddyTV Readers’ Poll, Ricky and Caitlynn should be worried. 45 percent of those voting thought that Ricky was the most likely dancer to go home, followed by 42 percent choosing Caitlynn. Tadd (8 percent) and Sasha (5 percent) were also chosen for elimination by a small number of readers.

Will it go that way? It will all rest on America’s votes lining up with those on BuddyTV. So we’ll see.

If you get bored during tonight’s results announcements, may we suggest an ode to Cat Deeley and her lovely hair?