With the Top 6 dances on this season of So You Think You Can Dance out of the way, the only thing that stands between the remaining dancers and the SYTYCD finale are tonight’s results. What does that mean?

Well for one thing, it means that this is a bad week to be Caitlynn.

The top two girl dancers have basically been in the bag for weeks now — barring catastrophe, injury or a sudden inability to keep a beat, Melanie and Sasha were always going to be in the finale. And until last night, they really didn’t have any challengers. Thus, it’s really kind of too bad that Caitlynn didn’t shine until the last moment of the competition. At least she’ll go out on a high note?

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe voters and the judges just love Caitlynn so much that she’ll steal one of those coveted spots… Oh, who am I kidding?

Anyway, here are the predictions, all nice and neat for your prognosticating purposes.

Definitely in the Finals

Melanie Moore
It’s a good thing that Melanie’s charming, or else everyone (not just a few of BuddyTV’s readers who tell me I’m wrong when I put her dances on top) would have turned on her incessant perfection by now. As it is, the bubbly, cheerful, Ginnifer Goodwin-like Melanie is the most certain of finale contestants on this year’s So You Think You Can Dance.

Marko Germar
His star maybe hasn’t shone as brightly since he and Melanie were split apart, but Marko is still the dominant guy dancer this season. Even with a kiss-of-death paso doble on Top 6 night, Marko spent the evening getting rave reviews from the judges. Plus, he officially has the cutest mom on the planet.

Sasha Mallory
Sasha has been more uneven than most of the other Top 6, and last night showed that. After her blow-you-away jazz number with Kent Boyd, that whacking (waacking/wacking/waakhingh/seriously how do you spell it?) dance was only so-so. Still, it seems unlikely that the judges would want to let go of their warrior princess before the finals. And what would Nigel do without his sometimes favorite?

Could Go Either Way

Tadd Gadduang
The judges were seriously irritated by the chandelier dance last night. While one might argue that such issues are with the choreographer and not with the dancers who gave it their all, these things still matter. On the other hand, Tadd is charming, versatile, improving and — most importantly — different. That’s a big plus for finale hopes.

Ricky Jaime
I admit that I haven’t been a big fan of Ricky’s. In a contest that’s as much about personality as skill, I never felt like I got to know him. Add to this a history of decent-but-not-stunning dances, and I’m kind of shocked he got this far. On the other hand, Ricky gave one of his best performances of the season on Top 6 night, proving that there’s actually a reason for his survival.

Really No Chance

Caitlynn Lawson
Caitlynn has the true misfortune to be up against two early, consistent frontrunners. The poor girl could have literally flown around the stage, giving the best performance in the history of dance, and she would still likely get eliminated before the finals.

Who’s Going Home?

Although it’s a tough call on the guys, I’m going to go with Ricky for elimination. I just can’t see the judges or the voters wanting a finale filled with nothing but contemporary/jazz (but basically contemporary) dancers. Tadd is good enough to qualify, and he’s different enough to make it worthwhile. Ricky would be fine too, but he seems less likely.

And Caitlynn is still doomed.

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Who do you think will be in the finals? Who do you want? Does Caitlynn have any chance? Leave your comments below!

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