CBS may have done a decent job keeping fans guessing about which former HGs would return at the start of Big Brother 13, but now they’ve screwed up and spoiled the next big twist a little early.

'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Someone is Coming Back

It turns out Hamster Watch had an eagle eye on the CBS website and caught an accidentally posted early poll for this week’s America’s Vote, and it’s a big one. We’re going to be voting on which of the first four evicted HGs we want back in the game, and next Thursday that person will go up against the fifth evicted HG to decide who will return to play some more.

Basically, it’s a twist they already did on Big Brother 9 when the HGs in the house got to choose if they wanted to bring back the HG they just evicted or a mystery HG in a box. The only good thing is that this season, they might actually pick the mystery person. By the way, I’ll eat my hat if Dominic isn’t the winner.

The funniest part is that, based on the photo, CBS is already assuming Brendon will be evicted this week. He will, but it’s amusing to see that, despite the fake tension Julie Chen tries to create on live eviction nights, they know it’s not real.

returnbb13.jpgWhich HG would you most like to see back in the Big Brother 13 house?

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