In the first four weeks on Big Brother 13, Brendon won three Power of Veto competitions (one with Rachel) while Dominic got the other. In other words, this week, we’re going to have a new veto winner.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel. Jeff won the Power of Veto.

And Big Jeff fights back when his back is against the wall! He wasn’t the actual target, which he never believed, but now he’s probably going to save himself. The real confusion comes in figuring out who the replacement nominee will be.

Jordan is convinced it will be her, despite Kalia’s constant claims that she made a deal early in the sason never to put her up. Maybe if Jordan doesn’t go up, she’ll finaly start to believe her.

It looks like Adam might be the best pawn. Even if Jeff and Jordan turn on him and vote to keep Rachel, they’d need two more votes. Lawon and Daniele are both squarely with Kalia and against Rachel, and Porsche and Shelly have been pushed to Kalia’s side this week. It might be good, because if Jeff and Jordan actually try to keep Rachel safe, it would only serve to make the newbies, including Adam, turn against the veterans.

The PoV competition happened so early, so now we’re stuck with a week where Rachel is going to mope and whine, then try to throw whoever is nominated against her under the bus. But unless something very weird happens, Rachel will be voted out and, on Thursday, she will compete with whoever America votes back in (Dominic or Brendon) to come back.

If it’s Brendon, then this week is officially pointless because Rachel and Brendon are roughly the same player. But if Rachel goes and Dominic comes back into the game, you’re going to see some very, very happy faces, and the rest of the season might just be incredibly fun to watch.

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