Big Brother 13 has begun and the live feeds are on, which means we’ll be able to follow what’s going on inside the house. And this season is starting out very ominously as one houseguest is already gone!

'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Someone Leaves the House and Week 1 Noms

In the Big Brother 13 premiere, Rachel won the first Head of Household competition, and now we know her nominees.

Rachel nominated the pair of Keith and Porsche.

But more importantly, Evel Dick Donato is out of the house and out of the game. He was missing from the live feeds since they turned on, causing much speculation amongst the HGs as they didn’t know what was happening. After Big Brother: After Dark ended, Dick’s daughter Daniele was called into the diary room and the feeds cut off for three hours. When they came back, it was revealed that Evel Dick is out of the game and Daniele has a Golden Key, meaning she won’t compete in competitions and she is automatically safe until the Top 10.

It’s unclear why he left, but Daniele was assured it wasn’t related to her immediate family.

That causes serious confusion for the rest of the game and the fate of this week, but it looks like it will continue as planned, so maybe week 1 is the double eviction week. The general consensus seems to be that Porsche is the real target because she gets on everyone’s nerves. It also seems Keith has teamed up with the rest of the newbies (minus Porsche and possibly Kalia), while the returning HGs have also sided together.

On the first three-hour Big Brother: After Dark, fans got such insightful moments as Brendon teaching Kalia to play chess or Cassi doling out eyebrow waxings to Dominic and Keith. Yeah, it was kind of boring.

After watching all three hours, I think my favorite part was when all the HGs started making fun of Dominic for looking so young, questioning whether he’s really 25 and calling him “P.T.,” which stands for part-time model, his career that they enjoy teasing him about. And while it was obviously not intended to be malicious, Cassi provided the first pseudo-controversy when she playfully called Dominic the “f” word (the gay slur, not the expletive). In context, I’ll give her a pass because she obviously didn’t mean to be harmful, and the other HGs instantly called her out on the gaffe, but in a light way that suggested none of them were truly offended.

How do you feel about Evel Dick leaving the game so early and suddenly?

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