Big Brother has a long and storied history of putting people in stupid costumes. The most famous instance is the skintight red unitard, started by Jen in season 8 and continuing with Sheila in season 9, Michelle in season 10 and Lydia in season 11 (where it became the uniform for Captain Unitard). Season 12 gave us Kristen in the hippie-tard and Enzo in a penguin suit. Now we can add one more to that great pantheon of people in silly costumes.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details about the HoH competition.

Daniele may have won the HoH competition, but the first five people out got “prizes.” Brendon, Lawon and Jordan are the Have-Nots for the week, Jeff won $10,000 and, in the best part, the big, tough, 90210-loving, bacon-eating rocker Adam is rorced to wear an elf suit all week.

Check it out:

bb13-adam-elf2.jpgSince the Big Brother 13 live feed screencaps are pretty great from last night, here’s a little rundown of what happened after Daniele won the HoH.

The Agony of Defeat

bb13-spoil-racheldevastated.jpgRachel’s face after Shelly fell, leaving only Kalia and Daniele in the HoH competition, said it all.

Dani’s Dance of Joy

bb13spoil-danidanceofjoy.jpgAfter winning, Dani and Kalia went into the storage room and danced the dance of joy and happiness.

Sour Grapes

bb13-hohfacesdepressed.jpgI know most people are just faking it when they walk into an HoH room and act excited about the stuff, but this week, the veterans couldn’t hide their blatant disgust and apathy over Daniele’s room.

Brendon Yells at Rachel

bb13spopil-brenchelfight.jpgI include this photo because it’s one of my pet peeves. Brendon constantly yells at anyone who calls his fiancée Rachel stupid, but every single time she talks about the game with someone and he’s not around, he chastises her and is always saying that she’s not thinking. It might be a nicer way of calling her stupid, but he’s still demeaning and controlling.

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I’m sure all of this, and more, will be in Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 13, so even though we know the results, it’s still going to be fun to watch.

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