I spent the past weekend doing my best Rachel impression, hanging out in Vegas and saying “Obvi!” as much as possible. However, it also meant I was away from Big Brother 12 for too long, even though the three hours of Big Brother: After Dark have become painfully unbearable with just five HGs.

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: What Happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony?

However, something must’ve happened, because the Power of Veto ceremony did not go as I originally expected. Keep reading to find out.

Enzo won the Power of Veto and saved himself.

Hayden was nominated as his replacement.

I was certain Lane would side with the Brigade and betray Britney, but I guess he wants to stay in her good graces so she’ll help him out in the final four if she wins the PoV. I also guess Lane was feeling confident enough that Ragan was definitely going to be evicted no matter who he put up.

So now, unless chaos happens, Ragan will most likely go home on Thursday. However, I still think, if he’s smart and the others are receptive, he should, objectively, have a chance. The truth is that Hayden would win against Enzo or Britney in the finale, easily. However, they both have a much better shot against Ragan.

If Enzo is against Ragan, Enzo definitely gets Lane and Hayden and he would probably get Kathy, Brendon, and Rachel too. But if Enzo goes against Hayden, Hayden would almost definitely sweep with a 7-0 victory, no matter how entertaining Enzo is, because Hayden would come across as the de facto brains of the Brigade in Matt’s absence.

If Britney goes against Ragan, she gets Lane and Hayden, Ragan gets Matt and the rest are up for grabs. Rachel, Brendon, and Kathy hate both of them equally and they’ve played similar enough games that Britney could swing the votes by citing the fact that a woman has never won against a man in the finale, making Kathy and Rachel move to the estrogen side.

If Britney goes against Hayden, Hayden would make a clean sweep, picking up all seven votes for manipulating her, especially the way he played her to get Matt evicted.

Ragan is a logical player, so I suspect he sees the same thing I do: Britney and Enzo would be a lot better off going against him in the finale than Hayden, and since the final four is all about winning the HoH or the PoV, alliances, and deals don’t mean anything.

However, I doubt Britney or Enzo would be receptive to that kind of rational logic. Instead, they’ll foolishly stick with their alliances to Hayden and, in the process, give up their chances of winning $500,000.

If that happens I really hope Ragan comes back for an All-Star season, because over the past two weeks, he’s shown me that he is more observant than any player in history. He sees who talks to who and what they do and correctly analyzes every situation. He figured out that the Brigade turned on Matt before Matt knew. He definitely deserves a lot more than going out to the rest of the house of fools.

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