Hold onto your hats, Big Brother fans, because it’s the best episode of the season: Double Eviction! While most reality shows are expanding to two hours, Big Brother packs an entire week’s worth of TV into a single hour. We get an eviction, an HoH competition, nominations, a Power of Veto competition, the PoV ceremony and a second eviction.

Even with my favorite HG (Matt) on the block and virtually guaranteed to go home, I can’t stay mad at Big Brother 12 when the show gives me such joy with the double eviction episode.

Before the eviction we see Matt playing the single worst game ever, because he idiotically refuses to turn on the Brigade. It’s frustrating because Ragan gets a clue and sees the fact that Matt is in an alliance with Hayden, Enzo and Lane. He knows everything and confronts Matt with this information and Matt refuses to acknowledge it. Instead, he tries to use it to get Hayden and Lane on his side. He deserves to lose.

The First Eviction

Enzo’s speech is rambling and kind of ridiculous with no real meaning. He’s like a crazy person. Matt’s speech is nice and, once again, he doesn’t throw the Brigade under the bus. Idiot!

Brendon votes to evict…MATT
Hayden votes to evict…MATT
Ragan votes to evict…MATT
Lane votes to evict…MATT


Good riddance. I loved Matt all season, but he deserves to go for not even trying to save himself by exposing the Brigade. Matt admits that throwing last week’s HoH competition was his biggest mistake. Julie points out that Matt could’ve thrown the Brigade under the bus, but Matt says he couldn’t because Britney is an “evil succubus.” Ouch! He’s still all smiles and even calls Julie “J-Chen.” OK, I can’t stay mad at you for long, Gremlin. I forgive you and hope that you’re invited back for the next All-Stars season so I can have my heart broken all over again.

The First HoH Competition

Which two HGs have held the HoH twice? The HGs must find both names (Matt and Rachel) in a bunch of packing peanuts and return them to their stand. The first person back with the right answer wins. Brendon gets one, but Hayden smokes everyone. It’s clear this is a pure mad dash test of quick endurance, so Ragan had no chance at beating the other four guys.


Now that makes three HGs who’ve been HoH twice while Lane and Enzo continue their streak of winning nothing.


Hayden nominates Ragan and Brendon. I almost feel bad for Brendon because he clearly doesn’t want to be the pawn, but Hayden clearly doesn’t give a crap.

Power of Veto Competition

 It’s the standard Before and After quiz. If you get one wrong, you’re eliminated.

Enzo is out first, though Brendon kind of cheated.

Brendon is out second.

Britney is out third.

Hayden and Lane are out next.


You go, boy! I love it when a wrench is thrown into the situation. Ragan is a game day player, because this is the second time he’s won the Veto while he was nominated and destined to be evicted.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Ragan saves himself. Hayden nominates Britney. She goes along with this willingly, and Brendon is obviously regretting making a deal with Hayden and Enzo.

The Second Eviction

Britney’s speech is one big shout-out to her family and a bunch of boring “friends forever” nonsense. Brendon is the same way. Come on, dang it, throw someone under the bus! Quit this nice crap.

Enzo votes to evict…BRENDON
Ragan votes to evict…BRENDON
Lane votes to evict…BRENDON


I feel a little bad for him, but I feel really bad for Matt. He has to spend the next week in the jury house with Brendon, Rachel and Kathy. Brendon doesn’t seem to understand anything and he’s really shell-shocked from the experience. Brendon is still optimistic about his chances with Rachel.

The Second HoH Competition

…is NOT happening right now. Usually they start the new competition right away, but this week we need to wait until Sunday’s episode. Or you can find out right now.

See Who Won the Next HoH Competition>>.

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