The new cast of Dancing with the Stars will be announced Monday night during Bachelor Pad on ABC, but as is the tradition, many likely candidates have already been leaked and spoiled.

Here’s a quick overview of who may or may not be announced for Dancing with the Stars season 11.

Almost Certain

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: The Jersey Shore star could flash his abs all over the DWTS stage, though he should be warned that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is the reigning king of shirtless dancing.

Audrina Patridge: The Hills gal could make two MTV reality stars on this season. She could also be the first person eliminated, if she does make it.

Bristol Palin: As if guest starring on The Secret Life of the American Teenager wasn’t bad enough, now Bristol could outshine Levi Johnston in the realm of reality TV fame whoring.

Florence Henderson: Every season needs a token older contestant, so why not sweet little Carol Brady?

Jennifer Grey: Nobody puts Jennifer in the corner. It’s fairly the obvious the only reason Grey would be on this show is because of Dirty Dancing and so that Carrie Ann Inaba can deduct points for a lift when Jennifer’s partner (Derek Hough, according to E!Online) helps her have the time of her life.

Margaret Cho: Comedians have a fairly terrible track record on DWTS (see: Ashley Hamilton, Jeffrey Ross and Penn Jillette, all out first).

David Hasselhoff: I still don’t understand how this isn’t a joke, but if he really is on the show, I give him two weeks until he’s dancing to his own music. He’ll have a lock on the German-American vote.

Michael Bolton: Personally I’d prefer David Herman’s character from the movie Office Space to be a contestant, but I guess the 40-something women who watch DWTS need something, and this might be it.

Brandy: Ray J’s sister could fill a lot of the token quotas for DWTS, including musical genre and racial diversity.

Rick Fox: This former NBA was married to Vanessa Williams and now dates Eliza Dushku. In other words, he’s a winner.

Other Rumors

Kurt Warner: While NFL stars typically do well, DWTS has never had a quarterback. Warner could break that streak.

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez: ABC loves reality synergy with Trista Sutter, Melissa Rycroft and Jake Pavelka as past dancers, but even so, Ali and Roberto are already long forgotten.

Landon Donovan: World Cup fever has died down as has talk of Donovan being on the show.

Troy Aikman: Early rumors were quickly shot down, thus ruining Dallas Cowboys fans of having Aikman on DWTS and Jimmy Johnson on Survivor at the same time.

Kirstie Alley: While the Cheers and Fat Actress star would make for hilarious TV (and provide a season’s worth of material for Joel McHale on The Soup), she has denied it, thus ruining the joyous possibility of seeing a Samba to the tune of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”

Which star are you most excited about possibly seeing on Dancing with the Stars?

Source: E!Online
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