It’s obvious that the Big Brother producers are not happy with this season. Ever since Rachel left they’ve had a lack of drama, so to fill TV time, they’re forced to introduce a new Pandora’s Box every week just to keep things interesting. Today brought the fourth Pandora’s Box and the nominations for eviction.

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Nominations and Another Pandora's Box

Lane won HoH and nominated Ragan and Enzo.

While the Brigade may be tight, Lane is more concerned with looking out for himself by keeping Britney on his good side. Right now Lane and Hayden are sitting pretty because they have final 3 deals with Enzo and Britney. The target is Ragan, and right now the only way things can get interesting is if Ragan wins the Veto.

I see four possible outcomes:

If Lane or Hayden win the PoV they’ll keep the nominations the same and evict Ragan

If Enzo wins the PoV he’ll save himself, Britney will go up and Ragan still gets evicted.

If Britney wins the PoV she probably won’t use it and evict Ragan, though he may try to convince her that the boys are in an alliance and get her to use it on him to backdoor Hayden, the biggest threat to win this game. This could happen since Britney is finally waking up to the notion that Hayden probably took both the prizes in last week’s Veto competition since he knew he was safe and wanted Matt backdoored.

If Ragan wins the PoV, he’ll save himself, Britney will go up, and Hayden and Lane will be forced to choose which final 3 alliance they really want.

Pandora’s Box

Lane got the fourth Pandora’s Box and opened it. It opened a money tree for him to cash in on, but it also promised to unleash three punishments for the house.

Right now they’ve endured the first when all the cups and utensils were taken out of the house. That just means fewer dishes for the HGs not to wash now that their two maids (Kathy and Brendon) are evicted. Since there won’t be that much drama in the house, hopefully, Big Brother will spice things up with crazy punishments.

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