If you thought the Diamond Power of Veto was a big game-changer, you haven’t seen anything yet. Now that the end of Big Brother 12 is in sight, the HGs are playing hard and this week could dramatically change everything.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.

Britney nominated Brendon and Enzo.

Brendon won the Power of Veto.

And just like that, my worst fears have come true. The plan for Hayden and Enzo has been to get Brendon off and backdoor Matt, and now there’s a good chance that’s exactly what will happen if Britney goes along with it.

The competition also had plenty of rewards and penalties, and here are a few:

Brendon shaved his head and looks even more like a Neander-Tal

bb12-brendonbald.jpgEnzo is wearing a penguin costume because he apparently had to give up his clothes

bb12-penguinenzo.jpgBritney and Brendon have to be handcuffed together for 24 hours (worst punishment ever)
bb12-chainedpunishmnent.jpgIn addition, during the time they’re handcuffed, Brendon has to be completely submerged in a chum bath once every hour

bb12-chumbathpunish.pngLane won a phone call from home

Hayden admitted to just Enzo and Lane that he won $5,000 and a Hawaii trip, even though all three of them are saying that it’s Matt who won them, proving that there is no honor among Brigade members

Now is when the chaos begins. Since Brendon is coming off the block and Ragan and Lane are Britney’s closest friends, it’s a choice Between Hayden and Matt. Britney was been clear in wanting to boot Matt, and I honestly don’t see how that can change.

The best possible option is for Matt to tell Britney the truth about the Brigade and try to throw a grenade on his old alliance. It’s a Hail Mary, but right now it’s the only chance he’s got. He could also prey on Britney’s anger, because right now she’s realizing that Hayden, Enzo and Lane all wanted Matt out, so they had no real interest in winning the Veto and they’re all making her do their dirty work.

If Matt does go, the hardest working man this season will be evicted while Hayden, Enzo and Lane, who haven’t done anything, coast to the end. When Rachel told the floaters to grab a life vest, I guess she meant for them to sail safely into the finale, because right now Hayden is the biggest floater in this house, becoming best friends with mortal enemies Britney and Brendon.

And as the world’s number one Matt fan, I’m preparing for a very depressing rest of the season.

Third Pandora’s Box

It’s starting to look like every week there may be a new Pandora’s Box. This week Britney opened it and was locked in the HoH room with Jessie from last season who just talked about himself the whole time while everyone else had a BBQ feast outside. Even the three Have-Nots got to eat. This is certainly the best example of “Something good, something bad.”

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