On Thursday Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto on Big Brother 12 to keep himself and the entire Brigade in the house. However, Matt’s act of charity in not making Enzo or Hayden one of the replacement nominees may be the last kind thing the Brigade does, because it’s essentially dead.

A few hours before the eviction Hayden and Enzo told Matt they were evicting him, which is a huge red flag that, given the chance, they would choose Lane over Matt. After the Diamond PoV is used they all try to convince Matt that they’re happy for him and that the Brigade is still a force, but no one fully believes it anymore.

We also get to see all four members break down under the stress of the week.

Lane: He embodies the Beast and decides to lift all the weight in the backyard, going completely insane in the diary room recreating the scene.

Matt: Aside from his gay showmance with Ragan, he also confesses to dreaming about a shirtless Hayden. At least all of this might take away from his wife’s anger over giving her s fake disease.

Enzo and Hayden: Not only are they both Have-Nots for the week, along with Brendon, but they also don’t trust Matt at all and try to get Britney to name him as the pawn, planning to evict Matt if they got the chance. This is officially the end of the Brigade, and I think it’s clear that Enzo and Hayden are the ones ending it.

While they claim that Matt has turned to the other side and isn’t staying loyal to the Brigade, they have absolutely no evidence to back that theory up. In fact, they have evidence to the contrary, namely the fact that Matt put up Kathy with his Diamond PoV even when he knew for certain that Hayden and Enzo were voting to evict him.

That shows Matt’s true loyalty to the Brigade, but now Hayden and Enzo are going to try and act like the heroes, taking out Matt because he’s turned on them. Matt did NOT turn on them, so even if they get their way, history and objective proof will be on Matt’s side.

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