All kinds of deals were made on this episode of Big Brother 12, but none of them have anything to do with the game. Instead, we get a great big laugh over the preposterous deals set up.

'Big Brother 12' Recap: Deal, No Deal, Diamond PoV and the Saboteur, Part Deux

We also got to see the downfall of Brenchel as the whole house ganged up on Rachel and Brendon, who spent most of the episode whining about how mean everyone is and how they don’t deserve to be nominated. It’s also fun to watch their implosion as Rachel clearly resents the fact that Brendon can’t win an HoH competition to save her even though she keeps winning to save him. It’s just more fighting that proves that the two of them stand no chance outside of the Big Brother house.

Kathy’s Deal

During the HoH competition where the first person off is the only Have-Not, Kathy makes a deal with everyone to fall off and take the slop. The joke is that this is the only condition of the deal. She doesn’t ask for immunity, doesn’t ask for anything, she just voluntarily takes the Have-Not. It’s a deal that isn’t a deal, but on another level, it’s genius.

Kathy knows everyone thinks she’s the weak, useless player, so why not play it up so that no one ever considers evicting her. Oddly this really is her best strategy.

Rachel’s No Deal

After Matt wins his second HoH, Rachel tries to talk him out of nominating her and Brendon. Instead, it becomes a huge fight between her and Ragan about whether or not Matt and Ragan are as much of a pair as Brendon and Rachel (which they aren’t in any way, shape or form). It’s kind of awesome to see Ragan get involved in a big fight because he’s flown under the radar for a while. It also gives Rachel another chance to apologize in the most passive-aggressive way possible.

Matt’s Pandora’s Box Deal

Matt opened Pandora’s Box and won the Diamond Power of Veto, which can be used at either of the next two evictions to take someone off the block at the last minute and also gives him the power to name the replacement. Since he’s already HoH, this essentially ensures that he has total control next week over at least one nominee. Basically, it’s guaranteed safety for all four members of the Brigade making the top 7.

He then has to cover the power with a lie, and it’s a pretty bad one that he only got one dollar. No one believes him, but his power is so good that it doesn’t matter because he’s got a solid four-man alliance and the new power.

Ragan’s Saboteur Deal

Ragan is offered the option to be the new Saboteur for two weeks, and if he completes three sabotages per week and survives the next two evictions, he gets $20,000. It’s risky because it could throw off his game, but honestly, he’s definitely safe this week, so it’s a pretty easy decision. He debates it for a while and then accepts. Joined with Matt’s Diamond Power of Veto, he should be guaranteed to make it since Matt is his BFF in the house.

The Nomination Deal

As everyone knew, Matt nominates Brendon and Rachel. The annoying part is Rachel saying that he’s only doing it because he’s a pansy who does whatever the house wants. First, if that were true, Brendon and Rachel would’ve been nominated his first time as HoH. Second, even though Rachel doesn’t know it, Matt is NOT doing it because it’s what the house wants, he’s doing it because getting rid of the power couple is what’s best for the Brigade.

Matt’s speech lays out the facts and figures of why, strategically, nominating them is the best move Brendon doesn’t even care anymore and Rachel cries, claiming she’s a lost puppy who needs botox. If that statement is enough to make you want Rachel out of this house, then nothing will convince you.

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