Big Brother 12 has reached the final 9 which means seven of the HGs will be in the jury and two will be in the finale. But there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, including the arrival of Pandora’s Box this week.

Was it opened and who are this week’s nominees? Keep reading to find out.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.

Matt is the HoH and he nominated Brendon and Rachel, as expected.

Matt also opened Pandora’s Box, as expected.

Brenchel’s Fate

Needless to say, Rachel is not too happy about being nominated with her man, but she knew it was coming. Last night after Brendon fell off during the HoH competition she looked like someone killed her puppy. It’s quite sad to see someone go from cheering and partying all week last week to complete misery. Even if one of them wins the Power of Veto and takes either of them off, the other one is still going.

As of now, the momentum has shifted to evicting Rachel, primarily because her two HoH quiz victories make her a dangerous threat to win next week if they keep her in the house.

When the HGs drew names for Power of Veto, Enzo, Britney and Kathy were chosen. Since Ragan won a Veto Ticket, he will play as well, meaning Lane and Hayden are the only two not playing.

The Saboteur, Part Deux

Though we don’t know the details of what Matt found when he opened Pandora’s Box, he claims that all he did was receive one dollar and that something else will happen to the house.

Also, Ragan accepted the role of Saboteur because Friday night the HGs got another video message telling them that the Saboteur is back. This led to countless speculation and paranoia.

Will Brendon keep the alternating PoV streak with Britney alive and win? How many total meltdowns will Rachel have this week? I can’t wait to find out.

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