The power is up for grabs and its one of the most tense nights on Big Brother 12. After the eviction the house is split 6 vs. 2, with Brendon and Rachel on one side and Kathy as the useless monkey in the middle that no one cares about. I’m starting to think she’s this year’s Jerry, making it almost to the end then delivering some obnoxious speech about how she’s not wearing her deputy sheriff regalia.

But enough about Kathy, Big Brother 12 is all about Brenchel against the world. Let’s see if their unbelievable streak of luck continues.

The aftermath of the PoV ceremony features a sad Kristen and a disturbingly happy Rachel who seems to be playing more personally than anyone else. Sure, she thinks she’s breaking up another strong alliance, but the irony is that getting rid of Kristen actually makes the Brigade stronger because she’s not around to distract Hayden.

Kristen also brings out the waterworks over being separated from Hayden, which is instantly making me lose all the respect for her I’d had this week.

When the cats away, the mice will play, so while Brenchel is outside Britney puts in Rachel’s extensions and runs around the HoH room mocking her while Matt and Ragan watch and laugh. Rachel walks in on it and Britney thinks she’s busted making fun of her, but Rachel finds it hilarious. She is SOOO freaking clueless.

It also prompts Rachel to say, “The highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone.” Close, but no cigar.

In her campaigning Kristen accidentally stumbles upon the idea that maybe Hayden, Lane and Enzo have formed an alliance. Unfortunately no one trusts her at all, so even though Kristen is 75 percent right, nobody fully believes it.

Julie Time: Britney calls out Ragan’s “killer” farting. Ragan’s response gets a little dirty so Julie shuts it down as fast as she can.

Hayden’s Mom: She does not approve of Kristen at all. Wow, I can only imagine what Brendon’s mom is saying about his choice in women.

Kristen’s Boyfriend: Um, this is awkward. REALLY AWKWARD. Kristen has a boyfriend! This is so hilarious and so tragic. The boyfriend is so over her. First nomination, then the hippie-tard, now eviction and going home to an angry boyfriend who has already broken up with her? I wouldn’t trade places with her for anything.

Nominee Speeches: After Matt and Andrew, these speeches are fairly dull, except for Hayden opening his speech by taking a rather pointed dig at Andrew’s speech from last week.

Enzo votes to evict…KRISTEN
Kathy votes to evict…HAYDEN
Matt votes to evict…KRISTEN
Lane votes to evict…KRISTEN
Ragan votes to evict…KRISTEN
Brendon votes to evict…KRISTEN
Britney votes to evict…KRISTEN


No really surprise. I’d love to know what’s going on in Kathy’s head, since this is the second time she’s in the vast minority of votes.

Rachel stays classy as always calling Kristen the very definition of a bitch and a “trifling ho” for trying to mess with “me and my man.” Hayden also tells her about the Brigade and adds that he would’ve chosen her over them in the end.

HoH Competition: Julie calls it the most powerful HoH ever because they will get to open Pandora’s Box. Also, Ragan won the vote to be the new Saboteur.

It’s an endurance HoH where the HGs stand on a ledge of a giant paint can that spins around. The first person off will be the first and only Have-Not. Now that’s more fair, and so cruel to Kathy, since she’s almost certainly going to fall first.

Jeff and Jordan are returning for the PoV competition!

See the Live Results of the HoH Competition>>

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