Jon Gosselin is as confused as the rest of us.  The Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad just confirmed that he’s “single – per se” but yet another new comment brought more doubt to his words.  There’s so much romance (?!) going on in this bachelor’s life that it’s getting difficult to keep up.

Is he with the 22-year-old party girl Hailey Glassman or the former Star magazine reporter Kate Major aka Kate 2.0?  Whatever the case, it sounds like Jon Gosselin will never settle with a straight answer.  It probably comes with his inability to settle down too.

The Jon and Kate Plus 8 patriarch revealed to E! News that he’s currently in a relationship with Kate Major, and that it’s “private.”  As for his other girl Glassman, there’s still hope yet.

Jon Gosselin told Us Magazine a few days ago, “My heart is always with Hailey.”  If that’s so, what does Kate Major have?  His spleen?

He even had the gall to tell the publication that dating multiple women is something he’d never do.  “[It’s] not me,” Jon claimed.

Still, he told E! about how he feels for the tabloid journalist.  “I care about Kate Major, she resigned from her job for me,” he added.  This only makes us wonder if Jon can ever come clean.

“Right now, my focus is on my relationship with my kids,” the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star confirmed.  “My personal relationship is private.”

Even though the tries his best to keep things quiet, there’s no way the media will leave him alone.  His buddies seem to be turning on him as well, since they keep leaking information to the press.  An insider close to Jon told Radar Online that the dad is busy pursuing both women, but wants to steer clear of attention.

“He is choosing not to end anything with either woman,” the source revealed.  “He’s dating and he doesn’t want to tie himself down.”

Perhaps Jon Gosselin really is ready to take on a different reality series of his own, far from the TLC show he was famous for.  But will anyone still try to compete for his affections if he tries out for The Bachelor?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MSNBC News, E! News
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