No surprise there.

Joseph “I’m nobody’s bitch” was shown the door on the last episode of Hell’s Kitchen after a fiery exchange of words between the former US Marine and Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay. Repeatedly pressured and asked to give a name and why and called “slightly stupid,” Joseph blew his top off, said he’s nobody’s bitch, and started going for Ramsay. When the two were face-to-face, the New York sous chef offered to take the fight outside (to the parking lot perhaps), just when the “to be continued” sign flashed.

On the continuation of the stalled elimination, we saw Ramsay telling him that he’s not scared of Joseph. Ramsay then ordered him to get out of Hell’s Kitchen, as he continued to call everyone names.

Ramsay then asked Kevin to give the two nominees for the Blue team: Tony and Andy, while the Red team previously had Lovely and Tennille. Ramsay proceeded to have all four step forward to ask them why they should stay in Hell’s Kitchen. Tony was eliminated, while Robert was moved back to the Blue team where he “belongs.” At the dorm, no one couldn’t stop talking about Joseph’s tirade.

What seemed out just like a few minutes later, fire alarms were blaring in the dorms, waking the contestants up and send them rushing outside. As it turned out, they only had to serve a fresh pasta meal to a group of firefighters – at 2:45 am. The teams needed to prepare chicken alfredo, meatball marina and garlic bread, and do so at the fastest possible time. The ladies won, and the guys ended up cleaning the fire trucks and equipment.

The episode ended with no elimination, thanks to Joseph, whom Chef Ramsay made fun of, telling the teams “he’s nobody’s bitch.”

– Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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