Talking on the after show on the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, CJ and Joey cleared the air regarding the most recent of squabbles they had with Ayiiia on the last episode of the MTV reality show.

 “It’s a lot of built up stuff that was behind it. It just wasn’t that night,” said CJ, who had a very serious tiff with Ayiiia over personal space and the fact that she annoys everyone on the house.

“There were so many talks I’ve had with CJ where he would vent to me about what was going on in the house instead of telling people, and on many occasions I’d tell him, CJ just speak your mind. When he finally did, I was like, thank God he did that,” Joey, who was on CJ’s side, added.

On the last episode of The Real World: Cancun, Ayiiia got a tattoo that says “Live and Learn,” while the guys go to some place where they saw dolphins and parrots. CJ finally hooked up with someone, Amanda, while everyone tried their luck in cliff diving.

Complications arose when CJ brought Amanda home and, after some sexy time, were lying on the bed naked when Ayiiia (whom he wasn’t exactly fond to begin with) walked in naked herself. She then started to taunt CJ, telling him to show his “piglet,” which is what she calls his thingie because it’s “not that big” and “pink.” With a bed skirt wrapped around his waist, CJ walked out telling Ayiiia stuff about respect and space. Before we know it, the two are inches away from hitting each other.

She proceeded to cry and be all woe-is-me, which some Real World: Cancun people agreeing that she does play the victim card a lot. “This whole process is turning me into a mean, angry person,” she previously said.

– Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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