It’s another extended Big Brother 11 HoH competition!  The live episode featured Lydia getting evicted and ended with a complicated and seemingly impossible HoH competition where the HGs have to drop aluminum cans into tubes and stack 24 of them.  The competition goes on past the live episode, so unless you want to wait until Sunday’s episode to find out who won, we’re following the events live and will give you an update as soon as it’s over, so keep refreshing the page for more updates.

'Big Brother 11' Spoiler: Week 7 HoH Competition Results

At the end of the episodes, here’s where they stood:

Kevin: 5
Michele: 5
Jeff: 3
Russell: 3
Natalie: 0

Sadly it seems as though the feeds are staying down for this one, but they did come up briefly to show that Kevin, Michele, and Russell were all at or near one-half done.

It’s over!  Not exactly a huge endurance competition, but there it is.

Jeff won!

So it seems as though once again, Jeff and Jordan have all the power. This is great news for me because in my pre-season predictions, I said Jeff would win, Jordan would be the runner-up, and Russell would finish third.  I could still be right for all three!

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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