Boo, Big Brother 11!  I was very excited for tonight’s episode because I was hoping to see the shocking and sudden producer eviction of Chima.  It happened late Friday/ early Saturday, so I figured they’d have plenty of time to edit together an episode telling this story.

'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Saint Jessie Memorial Episode

Instead, the Big Brother editors were clearly on vacation this weekend, because instead, we got a traditional boring Sunday episode that ends with Michele’s nominations.  Anyone who follows the live feeds or reads official press releases from the network knows that Chima is gone, so now we have to wait until Tuesday to see that drama unfold?  Again, I say to Big Brother 11, “BOOOOOO!!!!!”

But every cloud has a silver lining and tonight that lining is the insanity of just about everyone in the house.  Obviously, Chima is a total nutjob, but this episode also features a wake for Jessie, an engagement, and Dae Yum Yum, the Magical Unicorn.

First, there are two minor instances of insanity.  The first is that Jeff fake proposes to Jordan, and she says yes, but only if he gets her a square-cut engagement ring.  I like these two as a couple, but part of me really hopes Jeff is just using her as a fake showmance to win the game.  He’s 31, she’s 22.  He’s an advertising salesman, she’s a country-fried moron who can’t read a clock.  I have faith that Jeff is smart enough to see how unbelievably stupid Jordan is, and as such, he is just using her for his own strategy.

Even crazier than a fake proposal as Dae Yum Yum, Lydia’s 2-year old boy unicorn who is magical.  When you combine this with her obscene and unnatural love for Jessie, I’m starting to think Lydia is mentally retarded.  I’m not saying that as a joke, I’m honestly starting to think that she is emotionally stunted and has the brain function of a 12-year-old girl.

The true insanity of the episode is saved for Jessie’s farewell party, which is more of a wake.  Natalie, Lydia, and Chima throw the mother of all pity parties.  They crack open a bottle of wine and proceed to revise history by sainting Jessie as the king of kings, the single greatest human being who ever lived.  Even Kevin rolls his eyes at the utter stupidity of these girls crying as if St. Jessie was just killed.

But the best part of this episode is the hypocrisy.  Basically, everything that happened for the first three weeks when Jessie’s Gang evicted Braden, Laura, and Casey was good.  And now that the other side of the house has power, it’s unfair.

Chima first believes Jeff made a huge mistake using the Coup d’Etat, apparently ignoring the great and wise Jessie, who openly said that it was the single best move Jeff could’ve made.  I guess Jessie isn’t the god everyone thinks he is.

Hypocrisy continues as Chima believes Jeff is disloyal to her, which is foolish because he has absolutely no reason to be loyal to her in the first place.  Equally crazy is the notion that Jeff is now a huge target for everyone in the house because he made this move.  I guess that’s a lot like Ronnie was a huge target when everyone teamed up against him.

The true genius is that Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michele all realize that Chima is a psycho.  They are on one side, and Chima, Natalie, Kevin, and Lydia are on the other team.  So now that Chima is on the losing side, the world is unfair, but Jeff acknowledges that he felt just as bad when his friends Casey and Laura were unfairly evicted by the unruly mob of Jessie’s side.

In the end, Michele nominates Chima and Natalie, which makes Chima question Michele’s ability to reason.  Oh Chima, how are you that delusional?  Just because she doesn’t substitute her judgment for yours doesn’t make her crazy.  In fact, doing the opposite of what Chima wants is a sign of superior intelligence in my book.

And that’s how the episode ends, and all we get is a vague reference to Tuesday’s episode where one HG self-destructs and is kicked out of the house.  Yeah, we already know that, and that’s why we tuned in tonight.  After suffering this frustration, Chima’s meltdown better be epic and awesome.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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