Jessie is gone, the Wizard has been exposed, and Michele is the HoH.  This week on Big Brother 11, it looks like things are finally turning a corner.  With a double eviction ahead, this week is going to be very important, as the emotional high of this first eviction may influence the second one.

Who did Michele nominate for eviction?  Find out below.

BIG BROTHER SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the nominations.

Michele nominated Chima and Natalie!

I guess there’s no Divine Secret of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in this house.  Despite talk last week of a ladies’ only alliance, Michele targeted two of her fellow women, which is sure to be a sore spot for the nominees.

Equally is sore is that, with Chima being HoH last week, she and her alliance felt invincible, but now Jessie is gone and they’re both up, so things are looking pretty bad for them.

It goes without saying that no one else in the house would consider using the PoV on either one of them, meaning Natalie or Chima winning the Power of Veto is the only way to stay safe.

Of course if that happens, the only way would be for Natalie and Chima to team up with Kevin and Lydia and pray that Michele somehow nominees Russell, Jeff or Jordan as a replacement nominee.

I know a lot of Big Brother fans were praying that this week’s double eviction would spell the end for both Natalie and Chima, and it looks like we’re already halfway there.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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