The craziest week in Big Brother history is finally at an end.  The promised live double eviction episode isn’t happening, which is sad, but given the way this week unfolded, it’s just as good.  Jordan is the HoH (only because Jeff did the gentlemanly thing and gave it to her) and the two remaining shrews Natalie and Lydia are on the block.  But this past week taught us to expect the unexpected, so I’m saying there’s a 50 percent chance Julie Chen gives birth live in the episode and her new baby will become the newest HG.

'Big Brother 11' Live Thoughts: Up, Up and Away (to the Jury House)

I’ll be here throughout the hour providing updates and commentary on tonight’s live (for real this time) eviction episode.

Tonight’s “Previously on Big Brother” ends with…Captain Unitard.  I can’t decide which is funnier, the narrator calling Jessie “Mr. Pectacular” or having him say that nominating Natalie and Lydia was a “no-brainer” for Jordan.

Lydia thinks being nominated again is “a poopy feeling.”  Just when you think she can’t get any dumber, she goes and says something like that.  Even her BFF Kevin is so over her, as he suggests winning the PoV and using it to save Natalie since she’s the safer bet to have as a partner right now.

The grossest part is that Natalie and Lydia compare notes on when and how they hooked up with Jessie.  Once again, Kevin is sick and tired, so he tries to explain that Jessie was hooking up with both of them in order to play them against one another while staying close to both of them as well.  Hm,, I’m guessing now the Sequester House won’t be so happy now after all.

Since truth rarely works, Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin hatch a plan to lie outright to Jeff and Jordan that they overheard Russell plotting to evict Jeff next week.  The whole plan relies on Kevin’s awful acting ability, and sadly, it looks as though Jeff is falling for it.  Uh oh, I think Jordan’s idiocy might be contagious.

Julie talks to the HGs, and the single funniest moment of the episode occurs.  She asks Lydia about her tears over Jessie, and Lydia assures her that she’s had a change of heart, and Jessie had better hope she’s not heading to the Jury House with him.

After that, Julie admits that she now wants Lydia to be evicted just to see that confrontation.  Wow, way to stay impartial, professional newswoman Julie Chen.

Natalie gets her phone call from home, and it’s her dad, who says he watches every episode with her boyfriend.  Hold the damn phone, Natalie has a boyfriend?  WTF?  I guess this whole Jessie thing was just a total fake relationship in which both people were using each other.

Live Power of Veto Competition!

It’s the typical live competition where the HGs have to select whether something happened before or after something else in the house.  Russell is the one person not playing.

Question 1: Everyone is safe.
Question 2: Natalie, Lydia, and Jeff are eliminated.
Question 3: Everyone is safe.
Question 4: Kevin is eliminated.
Question 5: Michele and Jordan are still both safe.
Question 6: Still both safe.
Question 7: Still both safe.
Question 8: Still both safe.

Tiebreaker: How many truffles were in the mud pit during the “When Pigs Fly” competition?
Michele says50 and Jordan says 60.  The answer is 104, so Jordan wins PoV.  And all on her own, this time.

Live Power of Veto Ceremony!

The nominees are both civil and Jordan doesn’t use it.  I guess Kevin’s lie wasn’t all that convincing.

Live Eviction!

The nominees get yet another chance to give a speech, and they’re just as dull as their PoV speeches.

Russell votes to evict…LYDIA.
Michele votes to evict…LYDIA.
Jeff votes to evict…LYDIA.
Kevin votes to evict…NATALIE.

Lydia is evicted!

I guess Julie gets her wish, and Lydia will join Jessie in the Jury House.  Oh yes, that will be awesome.

Lydia chats with Julie and explains that Kevin is the only person she wants to win, and she thinks Natalie was like an annoying little kid sister.  She also threatens Jessie with bodily harm for playing her and Natalie like a fiddle.  Right now, I just want Sunday’s episode to be one full hour of those two in the Jury House.

Live HoH Competition!

The HGs must stack 24 aluminum cans in their tubes.  Yeah, it makes no sense to me either.  Making things even worse, the HoH competition is extending into the night, despite not being a real endurance competition.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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