It was a very, very busy day for the Big Brother 10 houseguests. The double eviction episode saw Michelle go home, Keesha win Head of Household, Ollie and Jerry getting nominated, Dan winning Power of Veto and not using it, and then Ollie going home. As if two evictions in one night weren’t enough, Big Brother also had two HoH ceremonies in a single night.

That’s right, shortly after the show ended, they held the HoH competition and it’s already over, making you wonder why the show decided not to cram it into tonight’s episode as well. Either way, read no further if you want to wait until Sunday, though you probably don’t.


If there’s a God, then He has a huge sense of humor, because Jerry, the 75-year-old man who was on the block twice tonight, won Head of Household.

This is probably the craziest possible outcome, but it gives Jerry a huge amount of power. Not only is he guaranteed a spot in the final four, but if the vote is split, he also gets to pick who goes. However, this might be good for the alliance of the other four, because it saves them from having to nominate one of their own.

That said, they will still have to turn on one another. Two of them will go up, and one will go home. This week it’s very likely that the alliance of four will be split in half. Much as Renny and Keesha want to go to the final three with Dan, they seem to like each other better, so they will probably align with each other while the Renegade alliance lives on.

Thus, if one member of those two pairs is put up, the vote will likely be split, and I imagine Jerry would vote to evict one of the Renegades. If both Renegades go up, Keesha and Renny will probably stick with Dan, and Memphis is gone. If the girls are put up, the Renegades will probably get rid of Renny.

So let’s quickly examine the six possible pairs of nominees come next Thursday.

Dan/Memphis: Memphis is evicted 2-0
Dan/Renny: A tie vote and Jerry evicts Dan
Dan/Keesha: A tie vote and Jerry evicts Dan.
Memphis/Renny: A tie vote and Jerry evicts Memphis.
Memphis/Keesha: A tie vote and Jerry evicts Memphis.
Renny/Keesha: Renny is evicted 2-0.

By that irrefutable logic, Memphis is in serious trouble, as is Dan, while Renny is probably going to stay and Keesha is 100 percent safe.

Based on what I’ve seen in Big Brother 10, this is definitely how it would go down right now, but who knows what tricks are in store for the week to come.

Check back tomorrow for interviews with evicted houseguests Michelle and Ollie, plus find out who Jerry puts on the block.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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