Dan has become the star of Big Brother 10.  After tonight’s episode, there is absolutely no doubt about it.  Whether it works or not, Dan is playing the game of Big Brother on an entirely different plane than the rest of the house.  At times tonight, it felt like Dan wasn’t even concerned with helping himself out in the game – he was just there to amuse himself and shuffle the other houseguests around like pawns in a lopsided chess game.  He has become like Will Kirby, almost as devious as the good doctor, only less open about it.  It would be a monumental tragedy if Dan were to somehow get evicted in the second of the two evictions Thursday.  Even if you aren’t rooting for him, he’s sure fun to have around. 

Dan’s Doubters

Keesha and Memphis are both pretty displeased with Dan’s nomination of Memphis.  Memphis, especially, is legitimately angry.  However, the key is the reason.  He’s mad that Dan made the deal with Ollie, not that that he followed through with it.  Dan tells Memphis that he needs to trust him, and that it’s good if he keeps acting angry at him inside the house.   Keesha doesn’t think this is all going to work out as he planned it.  Dan goes through different PoV scenarios.  Memphis and Dan agree that Dan should renege on his PoV deal and nominate Michelle if the veto is indeed used.

Mission to Mars

Everyone plays in the Power of Veto competition except for Ollie.  The contest is Mars-themed.  The players walked outside to find the backyard decorated in a reddish Mars landscape.  On either side of the rectangular Mars surface were two platforms.  The contestants were hooked up to wires and had to fly from end to end, pick up pieces to a puzzle, bring them back to the other side, and then solve the thing.  There were two heats, winner of each competing in one more final round.  Keesha beat Dan and Michelle in the first heat.  Memphis destroyed Renny and Jerry in the second heat.  Memphis then soundly thwomped Keesha in the finals to win the Power of Veto.

A Devious Household

Dan tells Ollie on numerous occasions that he will keep to his deal, and nominate whoever Ollie wants him to.  Ollie tells Dan that he wants Keesha nominated in Memphis’s place.  Dan agrees to it.  Dan tells Keesha, Renny and Memphis about the deal he made with Ollie, and how he’s going to break it, and how he will therefore need all three of them to have his back when the fireworks begin to fly.  Dan, knowing that it’s going to come back on him when he nominates Michelle instead of Keesha, decides to shake things up.  It’s a bit confusing – bear with me. 

Dan first brings Michelle up to the HoH room, and asks her, if she had a choice, who would she put up as the replacement nominee.  Michelle says Keesha.  Dan asks if she’d be willing to give that same answer at the PoV ceremony.  She says yes.  Next, he does the same thing with Ollie, but he manipulates it, and tells Ollie that, in order for him to nominate Keesha, he needs Ollie to answer Renny when asked the question.  Ollie agrees.  He then talks to Renny, asks her if she could respond “Ollie” when asked the question at the ceremony.  She is reluctant, but after Dan assures her that Ollie will say her name, agrees.  Keesha will answer Michelle.

Let’s Play a Game

At the PoV ceremony, Memphis uses the veto on himself, and takes himself off the block.  Dan then says that they will be playing a little game called “Replacement Nominee Roulette.”  Dan asks the four houseguests eligible for nomination the question: Who would you nominate right now if given the chance?  They answer all as scripted, Renny and Ollie naming each other, ditto with Keesha and Michelle.  Then, Dan drops the hammer.  He says that sometimes houseguests make bets, and sometimes they turn out to be poor ones and that Ollie made a poor one when he bet on Dan to keep his word.

Dan puts Michelle on the block. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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