On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, the designers meet up with Tim on the roof of a building lined with cars. Tim brings along Saturn’s lead color designer Chris Webb who lets them know that they’ll have to use recycled car parts from the Saturn Vue to create an outfit. Tim tells the designers that this challenge will be all about innovation, like the first challenge, except during that, nobody really impressed. Now, they’ll have a second chance to show that they can think outside the box and deliver an original, high fashion piece for the runway.

Back in the design room, it was all about experimenting when it came to creating the designs. Working with car lights, carburetors, and floor mats weren’t exactly the contestants’ forte so they needed to figure out how to use these items to the best of their ability. Keith goes with a pencil skirt made from leather pieces from the car. Kenley designs a zebra print using air vents while Blayne makes an elegant gown from seat belts.

When the models come in for a fitting, Kenley gets a shock when she’s forced to work with a new model. The new model has a totally different body and will affect her design tremendously. Tim makes the rounds and feels that Blayne has a ton of work to do. He really likes Jerell’s design, calling his bodice “very futuristic and cool”. Tim tells Korto not to lose the sophistication of her coat made out of seat belts and expresses to Stella that her design is not innovative enough.

Season 3 finalist Laura Bennett sits in on tonight’s panel and stylist Rachel Zoe, who will soon have her own Bravo show, is tonight’s guest judge. After the runway show, Jerell, Korto, and Leanne land in the top while Blayne, Stella, and Keith pull the lowest scores. When Keith gets criticized, he talks back to the panel and Michael Kors throws it back to him, telling him to not let it get to him and to learn to move on. Leanne wins and receives immunity for the next challenge.

Stella and Keith land in the bottom two – Stella is there because of the lack of surprise and Keith is there because of the lack of innovation. Keith is eliminated, most likely not just for his less than stellar design but for speaking out of turn during panel. We’ll find out his thoughts when he talks to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview this week!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV