Big Brother 10 just got better.  The turn of events in the last week, culminating in tonight’s Head of Household competition, has been stellar.  My favorite houseguests had been eliminated (not including Jessie) and things weren’t looking great for some of the only tolerable houseguests, but now I can breather easy.  Everything’s  OK – from where I stand right now, Big Brother 10’s outlook is pretty darn solid.  Nothing terribly surprising on tonight’s Big Brother episode.  One eviction, one new Head of Household. 

In Search of Votes, Judas Aftermath

No one in the house was particularly pleased by Jerry’s Judas comments.  Memphis is especially perturbed by the whole situation, as he should be.  Dan, however, loves it.  It’s making him a sympathetic personality, and it’s taking all the heat off of him. 

April, Ollie and Jerry really want Keesha out of the house.  April, especially, hates Keesha (one reason, according to April, is that Keesha “thinks she’s prettier than me”).  Ollie tells Libra that, if she wants to stay in the house, she should go talk to Dan.  She does, but can’t give Dan any solid details.  Dan responds in equally vague terms. 

Libra the Mother

We get an extended package from Libra’s home.  Her husband is completely supportive of Libra being on Big Brother, and in no way is it burdensome on the family.  Libra’s mother lives five minutes away, and she’s been a big help during Libra’s absence.  Her husband is also quite happy that she took the Hawaiian vacation instead of the letter from her kids.  It’ll be nice for the two of them to spend some quality time together after she returns home. 

Another Anti-Climax

Incredibly, Libra was evicted by a unanimous vote.  OK, so maybe that wasn’t so incredible.  Libra was extremely grateful and upbeat about her eviction.  Despite the fact that she has to go to the sequester house, she almost seemed relieved to get away from these people. 


The Head of Household competition was called “Diary Room Confessions.”  Each of the players sat in a chair while Julie Chen read them diary room quotes from one of the first four evicted houseguests.  Whoever buzzed in first got to answer.  If they answered correctly, they got to eliminate one player.  If wrong, they were eliminated.  It came down to Renny and Keesha, with Renny winning it all to become the new Head of Household.

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