Vanquished foes can sadden a reality TV fan.  For the veteran reality television watcher, it’s often not enough just to have a rooting interest.  You have to have a worthy enemy, someone you can wholeheartedly root against, someone who boils your blood and draws your constant ire.  Every season of every reality show I watch, I search for my nemesis.  When there’s a good one, it makes the season significantly more entertaining.  On Big Brother 10, that person was Jessie.  Big Brother has a number of vaguely unlikable contestants this season, but Jessie was the one whose presence was a monstrous thorn in my side.  Everything he did, everything he said – it all enraged me.  And now he’s gone, and I miss him.  Big Brother doesn’t feel complete without him.  Just thought you’d like to know.  Anyways, we have some interesting Power of Veto spoilers for you today.  You know, if that’s something you might be interested him. 


Jerry, despite the odds stacked against him, won the Power of Veto competition.  A lot of power for the old guy, so what would he do with it.  It seemed that Jerry could shake things up and mess with Michelle’s nominations of Libra and Keesha.  Would Jerry grow a pair and ruffle some feathers?

Well, sort of.  He opted not to use the Power of Veto but, apparently, gave quite the speech during the PoV ceremony.  According to our good friends at RealityBBQ, Jerry made it his business to call out Dan for the supposed “fourth vote” that he cast to evict Jessie.  He also talks some smack to Dan about his religion, calling him a Judas.

That’s an interesting direction to take, Jerry.  It appears that the old guy is making enemies in places he doesn’t particularly need to.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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