This week on America’s Best Dance Crew 2, the remaining two crews have their last chance to dance for the votes of the public. Super Cr3w is the darling of the judges, but has landed in the bottom when it comes to the vote of the public in previous weeks. That said, it seems possible that fans of Fanny Pak might now switch their vote to that crew’s buddies Super Cr3w. SoReal Cru has never been in the bottom, but their routines haven’t always been as explosive or creative as some of the other crews.

Will SoReal Cru be able to bring up their difficulty level and win over more respect from the judges, and maybe those fans who are looking for more wow factor from the crews? Will Super Cr3w be able to stay tight as a team yet still show the heart that can win over the viewers?

We won’t know the results of America’s Best Dance Crew 2 until next week, but this week we do at least have an advance look at what the challenges will be.

The first challenge will be a World Dance Challenge, in which Super Cr3w and SoReal Cru will incorporate different kinds of world dance into their challenge. The crews both seem well-positioned to do well with this in a similar way. SoReal Cru has been able to meet every challenge while incorporating their smooth style, while Super Cr3w has been able to put their b-boy spin on each routine’s requirements. It seems likely that once again, Super Cr3w’s interpretation is likely to be more overtly exciting because of their explosive athleticism, but SoReal Cru’s more subtle creativity has potential too.

The next challenge is a Dance Craze Challenge, in which the crews will have the chance to create their own dance craze move. I think that SoReal Cru might have a bit of an edge in this challenge, mainly because Super Cr3w’s moves so often rely on their superpower b-boy moves that it might be hard for them to isolate one move that could be done by enough mere mortals to become an actual viable craze.

The last challenge is the crew’s Last Word, and will be each crew’s chance to show us all why they should be crowned the second season’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV