Back in the days when I was ridiculously obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I used to find out every episode title in advance and try to theorize what the actual episode could be about.  I find theorizing about a show a lot more fun than reading spoilers, and episode titles often provide an intriguing hint about what’s to come.  The clever writers behind Lost never fail to give each installment a title that has a little bit of meaning, especially when it comes to the season premieres.  Season 2 began with “Man of Science, Man of Faith,” the season 3 premiere was “A Tale of Two Cities,” and season 4 fittingly started off with “The Beginning of the End.”  Each of these titles not only summed up the first episode, but the themes of the entire season.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Jeff Jensen recently unveiled the title for the premiere of Lost‘s fifth season.  Let the theorizing begin.

“Because You Left”

There it is, simple and to the point.  “Because You Left.”  The title immediately calls to mind the conversation that Ben and Jack had in the funeral home in the season finale.  Jack told his former arch-nemesis that John Locke (Terry O’Quinn), going under the name Jeremy Bentham, visited him to let him know that things on the island had gone to hell after he left.  Whatever happened after the island disappeared into the middle of nowhere, it seemed to happen because Jack left.

Though season 4 shook things up by starting off with an episode revolving around Hurley, I’d imagine that “Because You Left” will be Jack-centric.  It’s also not hard to see how this title could fit in with the overall theme of Lost‘s fifth season.  I assume that much of the season will follow Jack (Matthew Fox) as he attempts to convince the rest of the Oceanic Six that they need to return to the island.  The good doctor will likely find himself driven by the guilt that Locke stirred up in him during his surprise visit.

Of course, as with most things on Lost the title could easily have a double meaning.  Maybe Sawyer’s life will be drastically different because Kate left.  Maybe it’ll be an episode all about how much Vincent misses Hurley, or how one of the red shirts can’t live without Sayid.  We won’t know for sure until the series returns in 2009, but at least we have something to think about until then.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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