Even though the evicted Big Brother houseguests will, from here on out, be sent to the peculiar limbo of sequester, we will continue to interview them.  It’s the internet, folks – it is magic.  These interviews are of the e-mail variety.  Prior to last night’s eviction episode on Big Brother, I sent in some questions to whoever would end up being the evicted houseguest.  Libra ended up being the one to pack her bags and leave the house.  Below you will find the full email interview.  Keep in mind that these are Libra’s unedited answers. 

In what ways was the house different from what you expected? 

We are a feisty group of house guests.  No one person can truly back down from an argument. It makes for an exciting season – that’s for sure!

What do you think, looking back, was your biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake was not wining an HOH competition.  Winning an HOH competition would have given me the opportunity to take out  a major target in the house and it would have allowed me to make a few deals with other house guests moving forward.

Who do you wish you’d had a different relationship in the house and why?  Anyone who you got off on the wrong foot with?

I have no regrets and I do not wish that I would have played it differently from a relationship standpoint.  If anything, I wish that I would have aligned my self with a male house guest rather than a female.

Are you happy with the way you played the game?  How would you have done it differently?

Yes.  I think that the nickname number 2 will stick with my for a while, seeing that I was number two in several of the HOH competitions.  I would have played the game differently had I won an HOH competition.

Is April really as bad as she seems?

She is definitely a game player in every aspect.

What do you see yourself doing after the show is over?

After being apart of an experience such as this you have time to reflect on the things that matter in your life.  I am sure that I will go back to my normal life, but who knows – anything can happen.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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