The Liars just can’t seem to leave the past alone. In “Original G’A’ngsters,” we saw the return of Jason DiLaurentis along with the return of the creepiness of Noel Kahn. While Jason worked with Aria to convince Ali that Mary Drake was bad news, old feelings seemed to resurface. Meanwhile, we saw that Noel Kahn’s involvement in the “A” of it all didn’t end in high school, Toby and Spencer acknowledged their relationship and Ezra found out that Nicole might still be alive. Here are all the best quotes from the nostalgia-ridden episode, “Original G’A’ngsters.”

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“We’re like this crazy, dysfunctional family. But we work together.”
– Spencer

PLL 707-1.jpg “Roses are red, violets are blue, you killed Elliot and I could have killed you.”
– A.D.

PLL 707-2.jpg “Performance of the century.”
– Hanna about Jenna crying

PLL 707-3.jpgEmily: “You know, we really should be doing intervals.”
Pam: “I’m out in nature, I’m jogging. Em, give your mom a little credit.”

PLL 707-4.jpg “Let’s just treat this like every other day, alright? Where I have to jog to erase the eclair I ate last night.”
– Pam

PLL 707-5.jpgSpencer: “She told us she came back to town for your engagement dinner.”
Toby: “You really think I would invite Jenna to my engagement dinner?”

PLL 707-6.jpgToby: “You know, that was always one of the things I loved about you. Your tenacity or–“
Spencer: “Abrasiveness?”

PLL 707-7.jpg “I can see you.”
– Jenna

PLL 707-8.jpg “All you need is some flannels and some Warby Parkers and you could be a regular hipster.”
– Alison to Jason

PLL 707-9.jpg “This is a court order appointing me as Ali’s primary caretaker. You can get the hell off my property.”
– Jason to Mary

PLL 707-10.jpg “I found slash stole my mom’s key card. So we need to use it before anyone notices it’s missing. So, like, now.”
– Hanna

PLL 707-11.jpgAria: “Are you okay?”
Ezra: “Yeah, no I’m good. Just having a little trouble breathing, that’s all. But I’m great.”

PLL 707-12.jpg “Maybe we could just skip the headache and inevitable parental drama and just… elope. Okay, that sounded lame, but no, I’m not talking like, Elvis wedding chapel. I’m thinking villa. In Tuscany.”
– Ezra

PLL 707-13.jpgHanna: “Oh my god, Caleb, what are you doing here!?”
Caleb: “Sorry, I was going to ask you the same thing.”

PLL 707-14.jpgEzra: “Aria, Sara Harvey was found dead at The Radley, let’s just go and get out of this town.”
Aria: “Don’t you think leaving town might seem a little suspicious?”
Ezra: “Suspicious to who, you didn’t kill Sara… did you?”

PLL 707-15.jpg “Hi Emily. I always knew you’d never get out of Rosewood.”
– Noel

PLL 707-16.jpgJason: “You look great.”
Aria: “I’m engaged.”
Jason: “To Liam.”
Aria: “To Ezra.”

PLL 707-17.jpg “You know you could turn the lights on…she wouldn’t know the difference.”
– Hanna to Caleb about his massage with Jenna

PLL 707-18.jpgSpencer: “Yvonne, how are you feeling?”
Yvonne: “Got some bruises, a cracked rib… but the doctors say I’m lucky.”
Spencer: “What do they know, right?”

PLL 707-19.jpg “No one’s ever really safe in Rosewood.”
– Spencer

PLL 707-21.jpgAlison: “You can at least make an effort, Jason.”
Jason: “Yeah, well while you’re making an effort, [Mary]’s making off with our silverware.”

PLL 707-22.jpgHanna: “It’s just weird. Being so close to someone and then having to cut them out of your life completely. It’s like losing a limb or something. A part of you.”
Caleb: “It’ll get better, Hanna.”
Hanna: “I’m not talking about [Jordan].”

PLL 707-23.jpg “I didn’t start building the house for Yvonne. I was building it for you.”
– Toby to Spencer

PLL 707-24.jpg “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, YOU DIE.”
– A.D.

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