Put on your velour sweatsuit and grab a glass of wine (or throw one in your enemy’s face), it’s time for the dramatic conclusion of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6! You will need the wine to drown out all the YELLING.

Alexis said she suffered from post-partum as well, then added on that her dad was dying at the same time. Oh my god Alexis, you will not quit. She can’t keep herself from saying, “me too,” and one-upping her fellow Housewives. Even when Andy asked Alexis if she had any final thoughts, she took it as an opportunity to dig at Peggy!

Vicki vs. Gretchen
The argument was over kicking people when they’re down, but Vicki screaming “HE WAS DYING!” was truly magnificent.

At one point, all five wives were talking at the same time. What was it about? The world may never know.

What Did Michelle Actually Say?
Tamra went up against Slade about whether or not a phone call with his baby mama, Michelle, happened. It was really rude for Slade to say “sucking off everyone else,” though. At least Tamra looked fabulous in all the lighting, including the backstage, unprofessional lighting. Then Tamra called Michelle to make sure she could feel OK about defending her.

“He’s lying about everything,” Michelle confirms, “I have the documents to prove it all.” Real specific.

Jeana’s Back Again
As though we cared, creepy Jeana was back to talk about her life these days. She’s still married but her boyfriend is living with her in her “house of crazy.” Let’s get to the drink throwing! At least Gretchen got to get in on admonishing Tamra. No happy ending for Jeana and Tamra, but Vicki did have something to say about breaking down the walls.

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