Who is in the grave? Arrow Season 3 Episode 10, “Blood Debts,” didn’t provide an answer to that question, but it did reveal one fan favorite is not the deceased. Oliver avoided Felicity’s bedside by going full steam ahead on a quest to bring down Damien Darhk.

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When he had the chance, Oliver both received from and gave the man a reprieve. The war between Damien Darhk and Green Arrow took a slight pause after the hooded man saved Darhk’s family from Anarky. The detente is sure to be a short one, especially if Darhk’s wife has any say in the matter.

Check out some of the best lines and exchanges from “Blood Debts.”

Oliver: “Now I know… that it’s not my fault. It’s my responsibility.”
Barry: ‘Responsibility to do what?”
Oliver: “To end it. I’m going to kill him.”

Laurel: “How are you feeling?”
Felicity: “I have never been more ready to have a bunch of guys poking around inside of me. Doctors. Doing doctor things.”

Thea: “Now that Machin’s back?”
Laurel: “I’m sure he’s not after you.”
Thea: “Why would he be? I only burned his face off in a fiery fit of Lazarus rage.”

“I had no idea that Felicity’s friend was Quentin’s daughter. It’s such a small world.”
– Donna

“Back for more? Does beating up on your little brother give you a little thrill?”
– Andy to Diggle

“You make sure he’s dead.”
– Oliver to Anarky about Darhk

“For better, for worse.”
– Oliver to Felicity

“First, you catch me. Then, you break me out. Now, you want to catch me again. Make up your mind.”
– Anarky

Darhk: “Where’s my family?!”
Green Arrow: “I saved them.”
Darhk: “I want to be clear about something– I have shown you repeatedly that you cannot beat me. You saved my family. So I’ll give you a few weeks to spend with yours. Enjoy your time. What’s left of it.”

“You missed. On purpose. I’m disappointed in you.”
– Anarky to Thea

“What’s Damien Darhk doing in Bali?”
– Felicity to Oliver

“You should have killed the Green Arrow tonight.”
– Damien’s wife

Oliver: “Are you okay?”
Felicity: “Are you?”
Oliver: “No.”
Felicity: “You know what you have to do, right? You have to kill the son of a bitch.”

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