The burning questions that the season 4 Arrow winter finale left us are about to be answered. This Wednesday Arrow returns with all-new episodes and will finally answer the question, “What happened to Felicity?” Apparently The CW didn’t think that was enough to worry about because they dropped a new trailer for the rest of the season and more than few clues are dropped as to who could be in that mysterious grave site. There’s also a whole host of new things to worry about for Oliver and crew.

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The trailer is not all depressing, thankfully. We get our first looks at the previously reported returns of Nyssa and Roy. We even get a quick glimpse of Roy back in his Arsenal suit. There are some big return surprises that have been previously unannounced. Shado (or her twin sister) is seen removing a hood. Katana is shown slowly turning towards camera. There’s even a very disturbing look shot of the Goth version of Felicity from her season 3 flashback episode. (Though I personally think this shot is what Marc Guggenheim was referring to when he tweeted that there would be a Felicity hallucination in an upcoming episode.)

That’s the only look we get at Felicity though. Well, the only glimpse that isn’t of her in a hospital gurney being worked on by a team of doctors. Felicity isn’t the only female member of Team Green Arrow in dire straits. Thea is also shockingly shown in a hospital room of her own with Oliver begging at her beside. Laurel, who is given a great spotlight throughout the trailer, is shown at one point to be bleeding quite profusely from the head. Diggle’s wife, Lyla, is shown being held at gunpoint. Could either one of these three ladies be inside the grave that was shown at the beginning of the season?

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That’s not the only thing to fret about because a whole host of new issues are shown as well. Oliver can be seen holding a gun to his head and getting shot by one of his own arrows. Oliver also looks to be getting some competition in his race for mayor. As none other than Damien Darhk’s own wife, Ruve Adams, joins the election opposing him. 

What do you think? Are there any credible clues dropped in the Arrow trailer? Is it all a red herring? Do you think Thea, Laurel, Lyla or even Felicity could die this season? Should Arrow kill them off? Or is someone completely different and unexpected? 

Arrow season 4 airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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