As fans of Arrow know, Oliver Queen did not have a good Christmas in 2015. He may have (finally) got engaged to the love of his life, Felicity Smoak. Mere moments after she said, “Yes” the two were attacked by Damien Darhk. The last we saw of Oliver and Felicity, he was cradling her seemingly lifeless body in his arms. It left us all to wonder what was going to happen to Felicity. Arrow hasn’t answered that question yet, but a new trailer for the winter premiere “Blood Debts” does drop some tantalizing details.

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The majority of the Arrow season 4 winter return trailer, embedded below, shows Oliver going on a rampage following the events of “Dark Waters.” As you would expect Oliver (and the rest of Team Green Arrow) are not taking too kindly to Damien Darhk attacking one of their own. Oliver is desperate to find Darhk and make him pay. There is also our first real glimpse of Damien’s yet unnamed wife and the reappearance of the villain Anarky.  

The big question is how Felicity is doing after her attack. Felicity herself is not seen, but she is mentioned. Thea tells Oliver at one point that Felicity has made it out of surgery but something has apparently gone wrong. Donna, Felicity’s mom, is also seen crying. The trailer really wants to make you think that Felicity is dead because Oliver is once again shown at a graveside. As we detailed earlier though, there’s no way that Arrow killed off their leading lady.

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I have a couple theories. Both revolve on the attack not killing Felicity but somehow injuring her irrevocably. The trauma of the attack might have caused her to be unable to bear children, hence the reemergence of Oliver’s son, William, on Arrow this season. The other theory involves, Felicity could ending up disabled and perhaps unable to walk. 

Felicity’s origin episode of season 3 was originally titled “Oracle”. Oracle is the name of one of DC Comic’s most famous disabled characters. Oracle, like Felicity, is an extremely capable and valuable tech expert. Oracle ended up in her wheelchair because of an attack by a villain as well. 

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But what do you think is wrong with Felicity? Does it have to do with her ability to conceive? Her ability to walk? Do you even think she might be dead? Or is this all a masterful red herring by the Arrow team to drum up interest for the return? 

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