When the TV gods giveth, they also taketh away. On the heels of the news that a Supernatural renewal for season 13 looks likely, Bones‘ future is much murkier. At TCA  FOX CEO, Dana Walden, was asked about the chances of Bones getting a season 12 she said she “wasn’t sure”. A serious talk about Bones renewal or cancellation will be had in the coming weeks, but no decision has been finalized. Still, none of that sounds particularly promising, especially when you consider the series still has no formal return date for the remainder of season 11.

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While it looks like Bones is reaching the end of its run, Walden promised the show won’t end on a cliffhanger. The purpose of the talks that will be happening between showrunner and network will be to ensure that a satisfying ending happens for all. If FOX makes the call to cancel Bones, the creative team will be given enough time to wrap things up successfully. If the show is renewed, that will be the final season. Walden said, “This is a conversation [about] continuing the series and announcing it as a final season in the 12th season, or whether we wrap it in the 11th.”

Walden denied that Bones’ possible cancellation is being caused by the ongoing dispute with the stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel over the show’s profits. While an agreement hasn’t been reached between all parties, Walden said that Bones would not continue without the two leads. 

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But what do you think? Will Bones get one more season or will the current season be its last? Do you have faith that the ending will be satisfying? Are you already mourning the show’s loss even if it does managed to secure a season 12? While it’s not an option now, do you think Bones could continue without its two leads?

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