It’s Wednesday once again — and the last Wednesday before the big Bachelorette finale!

Still, shockingly, this week’s tabloid rumors aren’t quite as outrageous as last week’s. What gives, gossip jockeys?

Hey, when it comes to ridiculous rumors, we’ll take what we can get, right? With a hefty grain of salt, of course. Here’s the latest dirt being distributed in your local grocery aisle:

Roberto Turned Down The Bachelor for a Model? Hey, why go through the whole Ben Flajnik process if you already have the end result? Star Magazine spoke to the model who allegedly stole Roberto’s heart — and that alleged $500,000 paycheck he could pull in for being the next Bachelor. The story goes that Roberto met the model, Kara Ramos, this spring, sparks flew and they arranged cross-country rendezvous … but then she found out he’d be attempting to find his wife elsewhere. On national TV. “It’s true we were together, but when I found out he was going to be the next Bachelor, I canceled my visit,” Kara told Star. “It was really hard on me.”

But THEN, says Star, Roberto assessed the situation and “decided that even a half million dollars wasn’t enough incentive to go back in the spotlight to find love on TV, especially with the promise of his new romance with a wonderful girl like Kara,” a “friend” of Kara tells the tabloid. “Roberto already knows what it takes to have a love relationship played out on national television, and he’d rather have his privacy now with a girl he’s really crazy about.”

True or false? Let’s be real — probably false. But we’ll find out soon enough if Roberto’s their guy when ABC makes the big Bachelor announcement this fall.

Emily’s Fiance’s Parents Aren’t Big Fans:
Spoiler alert! If you’ve magically been able to avoid the news of which guy Emily is reportedly engaged to, stop reading here. Everyone else, let’s get real: It’s always been Jef, right? Right. So, anyway, In Touch says that Emily and Jef are engaged and just … OH, so in love. But there could be a problem, in the form of Jef’s parents, who always wanted him to marry a girl from the Mormon church. Even though he’s no longer Mormon-practicing.

But this is all complete speculation, and the whole “faith” thing may even be publicly addressed by Jef and Emily when the time comes, if that’s necessary, so don’t get too worked up about it. I mean, unless you’re this girl.

Meanwhile, Life & Style is just printing Bachelorette fan fiction at this point.

Oh, But Here’s a Cute Story! Emily threw Ricki an adorable “camping glam” birthday party, complete with “butterfly catchers, a tent for the girls to play in and wooden birdhouses” for Ricki’s friends to paint. Check out the photos of the happy day!

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