We’ve only got 11 acts left on The X Factor, which still feels like a lot, but with one group gone the competition’s even tougher. We don’t even mean for the contestants, because it’s the judges’ competitive streaks that keep getting in the way. Everyone get ready for another big ego fight.

Simon Cowell VS Nicole Scherzinger

The Daily Mail reports that Nicole is fed up with Simon’s constant criticism of her. He’s been sticking his nose where it’s not supposed to be, practically taking her contestants under his wing. He’s also accused Nicole of not connecting well with the over 30s. Does he think he can do better? Of course he does.

Simon Cowell VS L.A. Reid?

Although these two initially took the competition seriously, it seems like they’re agreeing on something at last. Simon said Chris Rene would make a great recording artist, but didn’t really explain himself. So he and L.A. set aside their differences to discuss it.

Chris Rene agrees though. Do you?

inTENsity Praises Paula Abdul 

They may be out of the game, but X Factor judge Paula Abdul gave inTENsity great advice on what to do even after the show:

And here’s their final performance, a rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You”, if you want to see it again.

Idol Alums Talk X Factor

The Hollywood Reporter talked to the likes of Taylor Hicks, La Toya London and more to find out what they thought of Simon’s new show. Or if there’s really anything new about it.

Elliott Yamin of season 5 said, “I didn’t really expect much. It feels like network TV is becoming over-saturated with these type of shows. And if they’re not truly different, what’s going to keep someone engaged?”

Meanwhile, Taylor Hicks mentioned something you might have spotted too. ” I did notice that Simon’s a bit nicer — it’s his show, ha! But with that said, the show is definitely in its first season, and is still finding itself.”

The Bigger Bieber Fan

There’s another competition brewing within The X Factor, and that’s for the title of Biggest Justin Bieber Fan. Contestants Drew, Rachel Crow, and inTensity’s Emily Michalak are all in the running. MTV News talked to the three stars to gauge just who’s the biggest Belieber, but it seems like there’s no clear winner yet. Who do you think deserves this much coveted (ha!) title? 

Melanie Amaro’s New Pet

So bears are supposedly these ferocious animals with teeth that could just tear you limb from limb. Then again there are teddy bears, invented to avoid nightmares involving actual bears. Where am I going with this? The X Factor‘s Melanie Amaro told People that Simon was just a “big teddy bear”. She certainly meant well, but we’re still a little suspicious.

X Factor: TV’s Most Exhausting Show?

Reuters has dubbed Simon’s reality competition as “The Most Exhausting Show on TV”. They ask if it’s because of Steve Jones’ blandness or the judges’ ridiculous remarks, which have recently revolved around puns on the word “fun”. Or maybe someone’s just tired of the two-hour episodes? We can see how that can be a tiny bit frustrating.

Well, if you’re not as exhausted as some people are, go check out our recap of the latest X Factor installment. And don’t forget to add our Facebook fan page for more updates on the show.

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