Arrow was action-packed this week as Team Arrow headed to Moscow with an added surprise guest, Isabel Rochev. Diggle went to save his ex-wife, Lyla, from the gulag and to find his arch-enemy Deadshot. In “Keep Your Enemies Closer,” the rescue led to quite a few surprises, including a hook-up and an expected truth.


During a mission with Arrow, Diggle got kidnapped by ARGUS. The apparent trouble may have been over, but Diggle should have noticed they were coming, but he didn’t. He was hooded and taken away without anyone else the wiser. Oops.

Lyla was missing in Moscow and ARGUS wanted him to go and find her. The mention of Lyla was enough to convince him, but there was more. ARGUS knows about Team Arrow. Double oops. 

Without delay, Diggle headed to the lair to get supplies before making arrangements to go to Moscow. When Diggle mentioned what he was doing, Oliver and Felicity immediately knew they had to go with and help him. They are a team. And, that means something.

Off to Moscow

Oliver made arrangements for them to travel to Moscow on the company jet under the guise of business. Isabel Rochev found out and decided to crash their trip. She’s definitely keeping her eyes on Oliver.

Isabel believes that Felicity is more to Oliver than just his short-skirt-wearing assistant. And, she is, but definitely not in the way that she’s implying. Though, the jump from IT to CEO’s Assistant is a bit of a leap.

Saving Lyla

Oliver contacted an ally of his in Moscow for help saving Lyla. The job wasn’t an easy one. She was caught breaking into and held at a nasty gulag, “The Nightmare.” Diggle was arrested in order to get into the prison. 

While there, he ended up face-to-face with Deadshot. In order to save Lyla, Diggle teamed up with his enemy and got her out in time to be successfully extracted. The bomb on the coat was a nice touch.

Oliver was dressed in Russian guard clothing and provided support for the escape, which was successful. They all made it out alive … including Deadshot. 

The Truth about Diggle’s Brother

After escaping from the prison, Diggle forced Deadshot out of the car. He could have killed the man he had hunted for years. There was nothing stopping him, except himself and his honor. And, he couldn’t do it. 

Deadshot asked Diggle how he thought his brother died. And, Diggle got the shock of his life. The contract wasn’t for the man his brother was protecting. Diggle’s brother was the target. And, it was H.I.V.E (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination) that ordered the hit. What?

Each week, Arrow continues to expand the show’s world beyond Team Arrow and Starling City. This tidbid is huge! What did his brother do and why was he targeted for assassination? With that response, Diggle couldn’t kill Deadshot. 

Going forward, it will be intriguing to see how Deadshot is used and what his relationship with Diggle will grow. Will they be enemies? Or, could Diggle turn his anger towards H.I.V.E.?

Perhaps, he’ll have Lyla to help him deal with it. They love each other and maybe this will bring them back together. He is available after all!

Oliver and Isabel

The two leaders of Queen Consolidated are more alike then they realized. Isabel came clean and acknowledged that she knew that Oliver was playing the role of the lazy idiot. She knew that he was really intelligent, but lonely.

Isabel was born in Russia and later adopted in America. Their shared loneliness provided an opportunity for them to hook up and get some companionship. And, she was ready to be quick and forgo the snuggling.

It was an odd hook-up for sure. And, at least temporarily caused some strain between Oliver and Felicity, but he was honest with her. He doesn’t have the heart or time for a real relationship. 

But … and a big but … will what happened in Russia really stay in Russia? We’ll have to wait and see what happens next time Oliver and Isabel are together. 

Though, I have to wonder why she didn’t question Lyla’s presence on the flight home. Or, the huge bruises all over Diggle’s face. Could she know more than she’s let on? Or, was that just something not shown? Not sure, but she had to question it.

Oliver and Sara Reunited

I’m not really sure what to make of the flashback. Sara clearly was trying to protect Oliver by signally him to be discreet in his answers to Ivo, but then at the end it appeared she betrayed Oliver.

Perhaps the only way to save him was to show that he had value. And, by contacting his friends he extended his life, even though it put theirs at risk. Sara has no connection to them, so they are probably expendable to her.

Oliver’s headed back to the island in search of a World War II serum, “Miracle.” And, given the event in the future, Sara must not have betrayed him on the island. And, Oliver must get back to the boat to save the Russian.

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