Mike & Molly premiered last Monday with a fresh start of sorts. As CBS has promoted, season 4 is a new show after Molly quit her job as a teacher to become an author. She takes the first step in writing a novel by doing research in “The First and Last Ride-Along.”

I spoke with Reno Wilson (Carl) on the phone last week about what fans can expect to see in the season 4.

With the changes in the show, what’s new for Carl this season?

Reno Wilson: One thing that is new and that is gonna be fun this season is you are going to be seeing a lot more police work from Mike and Carl. You’re gonna see them out on the beat and walking the streets dealing with the people. I may even have to take out my handcuffs every once in a while.

I think that’s a different feel this season. Even the one coming on Monday, Molly goes on the ride-along. That’s the first time you see us get in the car on the show. And, you see where we go. In the past, you never saw where we went. You just saw us driving in our mobile therapist office.

What are some of the funny antics in “The First and Last Ride-Along”?

Just the idea of [Molly] being in our space. That’s Mike and Carl’s sacred space there in the police car. That right there is uncomfortable with Mike. I think Carl’s kinda excited about it because maybe she’ll devote a chapter to him in her new book. 

It’s just not right her being in the car. Something happens with glass and possibly glass in someone’s ass. Molly. Police car. Glass.

Carl has an interesting interaction in the diner this week, what’s going down with his love life this season? 

Something needs to go down with it. I mean listen. Here’s what we do know about Carl’s love life: When it’s going poorly it’s just funnier. I think he’ll get it together at some point. That was an interesting tidbit that was discovered. He had a 3-minute dalliance with that person in the diner. It was New Year’s Eve, it was dark.  

What was it like filming with the three of you together?

It was so much fun. We started talking about all matter of things that could happen in the squad car with the three of us. It’s nice to get folks in places that we don’t normally see and see characters interacting with other characters that we don’t see them interacting.

What’s going on with Carl and his Grandma this season?

Carl and Samuel are still roommates in the apartment and Grandma is really enjoying her personal time throwing parties and what not. I honestly think Carl misses her. I don’t know where that’s going to go. I think Carl misses his Nana. 

Could they end up living back together again?

I don’t know. That makes no sense, he’s a grown man.

On Mike and Molly’s relationship

What’s interesting this season is that because their relationship is so stable now with Molly changing her career trajectory and being all unpredictable that’s part of being in a relationship too. They’re in their fourth year of their relationship and second year of marriage and you have to grow with your partner as well or you’re going to grow apart. He’s gotta roll with it.

Do you see Carl growing at all?

I do see Carl growing because he’s been — what’s cool about Carl and Mike is they really love each other. Only Carl can bust Mike’s balls. That’s it. Anyone else says anything and there’s gonna be a problem. It’s safe there. That’s brother love right there.

That fact that he’s been able to share Mike with Molly shows growth. Any real growth — he did get his own apartment. He is living relatively on his own aside from his indentured servant, Samuel. So, baby steps for Carl, baby steps.

What’s coming up with them out in the field?

Carl has to use his handcuffs. And, not in a sexual way. For a crime. 

He’s a trained Chicago police officer. Carl’s very by the book, very fit, very on top of it. I know he appears Barney Fifeish, but he’s a very serious police officer. Carl actually takes somebody down coming up.

Any final teases for “The First and Last Ride-Along”?

Molly. Back of police car. Broken glass. 

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