The Black Canary’s continued presence in Starling City, doesn’t go unnoticed by the League of Assassins and they send one of their best men to bring her home on Arrow. Sara puts Oliver and her family in danger by sticking around. Will she be able to protect herself and those she loves?

Sara Survived

While Oliver made his way to the island, Sara was discovered floating in the ocean and taken aboard a ship and locked up. She may have been out of the open sea, but she wasn’t necessarily in a better place.

She was let out of the cell by Dr. Ivo who chartered the boat. He wanted her to help him save all of humanity. What happened to her on the boat? That’s still to be revealed, but after Oliver was taken captive, she pretended not to know him. “Prisoners do not speak.”

Playing House

Instead of staying in the cold and open Clocktower Canary Coop, Sara stayed with Oliver at the Queen mansion. It may have been years since they last saw each other, but it was clear that they got to know each other better while they were presumed dead.

The secret affair that they had was fun and sexy, but it lacked any real connection. Now, they have an understanding and connection that’s undeniable. They care about each other and would do anything to protect the other too.

Assassins Attack

The League of Assassins attacked the Queen mansion. At first, Oliver believes that it’s Malcolm Merlyn due to the Dark Archer outfit, but when he unhoods Al-Owal, he thinks he’s an underling of Merlyn’s.

Oliver takes Sara to the Arrow Lair and introduces her to Felicity and Diggle. He wants them to find Al-Owal, so he can go after him and figure out why he is after Oliver. Only he wasn’t after Oliver, he wanted Sara.

They find Al-Owal and an epic fight breaks out. When Sara refuses to return to the League of Assassins, Al-Owal threatens Sara’s family.

Sara’s Alive

Sara’s worried about Laurel and Lance’s safety. She sends Felicity to warn Lance, but he blows her off and refuses to leave town. Sara realizes that she has to come clean in order to protect her father.

She finds her father and they have a loving reunion. Lance is upset when he realizes that Sara’s the Black Canary and she’s been in town for weeks and didn’t see him. She tells him that it was for his own good.

Meanwhile, Oliver goes out to dinner to protect Laurel and finds a knife in the wall left behind. Al-Owal moved on. And, Oliver goes to help Sara and Lance.


Sara takes her father to the Clocktower Canary Coop. Al-Owal shows up there and he and his men face off with Sara, Lance, and then Arrow. Sara breaks Al-Owal’s neck and then sends another of his men off with a warning that her family is off limits.

Sara is embarrassed that her father saw her fight and kill a man. She’s shocked by his reaction. He’s proud of her and loves her regardless of what she has done. Lance wants Sara to come home, but she says she can’t. 

The League will continue to hunt her and she won’t but her family at risk. If Laurel or her mother know that she’s alive, they will look for her and put themselves at risk. Sara says good-bye to her father.

Laurel’s in Trouble

Even though Laurel didn’t drink at dinner with Oliver, she’s still struggling with all that has happened. When she got home, she took pills. She doesn’t have anyone to lean on. She went to kiss Oliver, but her rebuffed her.

And, her relationship with her father is strained. After Lance accepted that Sara had to leave, he went to see Laurel. His pain of losing his daughter again was written all over his face, he wasn’t going to lose Laurel too.

She began to open up to him about her pain. Will she continue to spiral out of control? Or, will she accept her father’s love and help? 

Life in Prison or Death Penalty

Moira’s given the chance to plead guilty and get life in prison with a chance of parole. She wants to take the deal in order to protect her secrets and her family. Thea and Oliver don’t want her to take it. 

Oliver saw Lance accept Sara for who she’s become and he realizes that no matter what comes out about his mother they will always love her. Thea and Oliver convince her to fight the charges for them.

Love of family outweighs all else. 

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